Dining table with a spin

At surface tension, we’re all for multi-functional furniture. So we were very excited to see the Fusion Tables by Belgian manufacturer, Aramith.

They describe it as a dining table and pool table all in one, featuring a modern sleek design, unlike the classic, heavy looking, wooden tables we usually find at pool table stores. Managing to design a dining/pool table the pool player’s wife could live with… very much in the same way that we design our arcade systems to be partner-friendly!


There is room for 6 to munch at with the benches, plus a couple more if you use the smaller seats at each end.

You can choose from a range of cloths which cover the monobed slate.

2 guys playing pool

They claim to have introduced several technological innovations to solve some issues that remained: they eliminated the 5th foot under the centre of the table as well as the ball recuperator under the table. They dropped the classical 3 pieces natural stone, did away with the pending pockets and everything that was not ‘modern’ in order to obtain a contemporary and sleek design table. They developed the Easy Lift system to address the playing height/dining height difference issue, opted for clean lines and new materials such as metal, but also warm materials like veneered wood and natural stone, giving the table a stylish and luxurious but also very simple and sober-minded appearance.

Using the easy-lift system, it’s a doddle to raise it from 30″ dining up to 33″ playing height.


I want.
Fusion tables by Aramith

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Surface TensionDining table with a spin
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surface tension Dual in House magazine

We’ve just been sent details of our inclusion in House Magazine. A great high-end property magazine covering a whole range of subjects, including interior design. Our first entry is nestled in on the same page as the sweet looking face warmer.

house magazine arcade table articleHouse showcases many high end homes as well as all sorts of furniture and fun items to have in your home.

surface tension Dual ::  House Magazine

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Surface Tensionsurface tension Dual in House magazine
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House of Cards Table

The clever House of Cards coffee table by Brazilian designer-architect Mauricio Arruda is an inventive furniture piece that succeeds at being stylish and innovative simultaneously.


It looks like it’s ready to collapse from little more than a napkin’s weight, but the House Of Cards table is actually able to support up to 550lbs. That’s because those 13:1 scale oversized playing cards are actually made from laser cut 4mm steel plates that are all individually printed to resemble real playing cards. And like with a real house of cards the plates are randomly drawn from a large pile so that each table is composed of a unique set of cards. But instead of relying on gravity and holding your breath to keep it standing, these cards are welded together.


There is an option to customized to the owner’s liking, so any Motörhead fans out there here’s you chance to acquire your very own Ace of Spades table.

For further information and photgraphs visit Yatzer

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Surface TensionHouse of Cards Table
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NES console coffee table

A while back we stumbled upon the Giant NES Controller coffee table

Well someone has gone a large step further with the NES coffee table complete with oversized and functional controller stored in the cart bay.



Nice wallpaper… living the retro dream.

Anyway, check out  mattcyborglt’s flickr page for more on this quality piece of kit

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Surface TensionNES console coffee table
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Play some table football in style

In these winter months when going outside for a kick-around isn’t so appealing, maybe staying in and playing on a table of luxury materials is the better option. Italian Billiard-table maker Cavicchi have produced a high-end football table with “crystal playfield, shiny black floor and silver playlines”. Available in a range of materials and finishes from solid timber to gloss.


The Opera range of tables are available in a whole host of finishes such as leather, ebony and gold leaf. Plus a mix of different themes such as F1, mosaic and Ninja Turtle!


This is a great looking table, though I think I’d spend all my time looking out the window…


Also available is a more traditional, squarer look, Cavicchi offer the Linear range.

Cavicchi football table :: bornrich

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Surface TensionPlay some table football in style
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Geoffrey Parker Games table

Sometimes you need to give your eyes a rest from video games and make time for something more traditional. Geoffrey Parker Games have created ‘the world’s most comprehensive traditional games table ever made’. As well as video games, I’m a huge fan of board games and traditional table games, so this is pretty exciting!

Inside this table, you can have up to 33 games including tradition games such as backgammon, chess and draughts. Then some classic board games like Monopoly, Cluedo and Risk. There are also a bunch of casino games such as roulette, blackjack and poker. Just select what games you want included and the price is adjusted to suit.

Finished in Dauphin calf leather in a range of colours to fit into your environment. Veneers coming soon.


Geoffrey parker games table :: Born Rich

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Surface TensionGeoffrey Parker Games table
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Carbon fibre surface table

The name ‘surface’ for use with a table has been buzzing around quite a bit lately… but we know who started it 😉

Anyway… ‘Established & sons’, one furniture designer one F1 car designer, have created this “British made” composite table measuring in at 3M long and 2mm thick. No word on the weight, but it won’t be much! Price will be inversely proportional to the weight.

‘Surface Table’ launched earlier this year, slipped past our radar like a stealth jet.

via :: OhGizmo!

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Surface TensionCarbon fibre surface table
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Straight Up Chess

Having been around for over 1,000 years, you wouldn’t have thought there would be any evolution for this game, but Straight Up Chess suggests otherwise with the vertical chess board.

I feel you should always make time for games that don’t involve sitting in front of the TV with minimal interaction. Which, it must be mentioned that our surface tension tables come with backgammon and chess board images to encourage this sort of play.


I digress. What we have here are the Straight Up Chess boards. They are aimed at those who love chess, but also don’t have to time to sit down for a decent game. Playing in passing seems to be the vibe. Maybe placed in the office or hallway at home, play your move when you get the chance and update your ‘last move’ marker. Hmm, didn’t I say something about minimal interaction with computer games…? There is also a ‘check’ marker for when you’re ready to gloat. Out of sight of course.

These vertical boards are available is numerous finishes including maple, walnut and cherry.

source :: OhGizmo!

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Surface TensionStraight Up Chess
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Giant SNES controller

Not too long ago, we discovered the giant NES controller. An awesome working scaled build of the classic controller.

Well this guy’s gone next gen. See for yourself the photos of SCAD inc’s giant SNES controller. I used to own an imported US SNES because I couldn’t wait. I loved the parma-violet controllers!


With the bar being set by the giant NES controller, this also needed to be functional… which it certainly is. You can see videos in action on the official blog.

source :: Gizmodo

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Surface TensionGiant SNES controller
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Giant NES controller coffee table

This is a great piece of functional furniture. A scaled-up replica of a NES controller. Looks pretty sweet, right? The best thing about it? It actually works. It looks a little awkward… but then again, maybe it’s just the chick making it look difficult!



…well, what did you expect to see in there?


Yes please.

Check out the action on youtube…

Giant NES controller mod :: Gizmodo

If this is what you’re into, make sure you take a look at the Giant NES coffee table and the Giant SNES controller coffee table.

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