Musical Rumba series coffee table

Now this is what I call an interactive table! Created by Tor Clausen, you can choose from a range of sizes, starting at 2×2 going up to 4×4. The table incorporates various bongos, percussion, bells and whistles ensuring there is never a dull moment when you have friends over. However, once the children find out, there may be a few regrets…


Not essential for your bible-studies group. You can see and hear the table in action at musical furnishings. He has plenty of other projects listed such as the Musical Duet Farm Table with twin xylophones and the Musical Cedar Garden Bench.

See more here in his Etsy shop.

source :: OhGizmo!

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Dead dog table

For the love of tables and all things doggy, I had to include the dead dog table sculpture from the artist Bruce Gray. It’s your 4-legged friend, but not as you know it.

Bruce has plenty of other functional art tables on his site that make me want to buy myself a welding kit.

Check out the bigmouth, pink pig and angry dogs/sharks on Not sure why, but I like the bird legs table

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Screw table

Screw table

Although we’re not huge fans of the slotted screw, we are huge fans of this epic screw table! These are great-looking surfaces… well maybe for the nerdy types like ourselves.

eero aarnio colour screw tables

Hmmm, how about nuts for seats…

These are one of the creations of the Finnish interior designer of some pretty cool 60’s plastic furniture, Eero Aarnio. Famous for the amazingly retro ball chair. Still a very active designer, you would probably have seen one of his more recent creations, Puppy.

eero aario puppy


“The Finnish designer Eero Aarnio (b.1932) is one of the great innovators of modern furniture design. In the 1960s, Eero Aarnio began experimenting with plastics, vivid colors and organic forms, breaking away from traditional design conventions. His now iconic plastic creations include the Ball (1963), the Pastil (1968), and the Bubble (1968) chairs which echo the pop culture and spirit of their time. Many of Aarnio’s works are included in the world’s most prestigious museums, including Victoria and Albert Museum in London, MoMA in New York and Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein.”

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