We love what we do. We’re passionate about who we get to manufacture our components that go into making our final products. All of our products are manufactured in the UK and source as much as possible from the UK (if we can’t make them ourselves!), before heading to Europe, then worldwide. Because we are close with our suppliers, we can form a good business relationship. We’re a small business and it’s important that we create a good relationship and level of trust with our customers. We have an outstandingly low failure/returns rate for all of our products… apart from when we learnt the hard way about packaging our Rubik’s Cubes!

We’ll still be a phone call/email away after your product has shipped.

It all started around 15 years ago when Dan noticed the arcades he used to visit weren’t there any more. The Internet was however, which lead to the discovery of MAME. Everything changed!

So Dan borrowed his dad’s tools, bought a stack of MDF and ordered a bunch of controls and got to work! A woodwork novice at this point, he fumbled his way though over many weekends and summer evenings. A few months later and his first arcade table was born. Sturdy enough to rest your pint on.

From here, Dan started to explore the possibilities of creating something more discreet and dare we say it, girlfriend/wife-friendly! Without delay, Dan got to work on a pine arcade table with a local carpenter. The idea was to integrate fold-away controls and a hidden screen, so it was stealthy when turned off. Well, together they cracked it and it wasn’t long before they were playing Space Invaders from the sofa. Then, when it was turned off and the controls folded away, it looked great in the lounge.

The pine arcade table led to a more refined design… stainless steel legs, full 10mm glass top and a manly brushed metal control panel. It was also available in 3 different finishes giving better flexibility to fit into the customer’s homes. At this point, we got a website up together and started selling! Pacman, Donkey Kong, Asteroids… loads of games, all from the comfort of your living room. Without the musty smells and sticky carpets!

Not one to rest on his laurels, Dan was back to the drawing board. With the input from a German furniture manufacturer he met at a trade show, as well as a local cabinet maker, he was onto the next design. The Double7, aptly named for its shape. This table had a revolutionary control panel! Like its predecessor, the control panel was hidden away. But this time around it pulled out flat. Tried and tested for durability and functionality, it’s still in use on the current range!

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