Serious retro arcade coffee table gaming and accessories

Nucleus arcade table – The perfect arcade game coffee table for your home or office

Combining high end furniture and the gaming world might seem difficult, but this arcade coffee table makes it happen. Ideally styled for both the home and office, it looks like a contemporary wood and glass coffee table. However, this video game coffee table is hiding a secret. Underneath the glass table top, there’s a 32 inch monitor just waiting to spring to life. Open the sliding drawer and you’re presented with a full set of arcade controls, allowing two players to go head to head.

This isn’t a one trick pony either. The built in Windows 10 Shuttle PC allows users to get online, searching the internet, sharing updates on social media, watch movies and play your music, becoming the heart of your technological home. We can even install a Sonos connect to become part of your audio network. The arcade table games console really is the perfect choice for fans of high-tech computing, and vintage video gaming, with 100 pre-installed arcade games. Can’t find your favourite game? It’s really simple to add any game to your tabletop arcade machine, thanks to the easy installation process you get with the PC interface.

Dual arcade tables – Retro gaming made easy

With 60 pre-installed games already on your arcade table games console and ready to go, there’s bound to be an arcade classic you know. Each one works flawlessly with the slide out controllers within the retro gaming table, giving you a complete retro gaming experience.

The Dual really is plug-and-play retro gaming. Just switch it on, select your game then choose 1 or 2 player. Plenty of familiar retro titles to choose from, such as PacMan, Donkey Kong and Dig Dug.

Retrograde – Upright retro gaming arcade cabinet

The arcade gaming experience really is as limitless as you want it to be with the Retrograde arcade machine cabinet. The familiar Windows interface and MAME compatibility give you plenty of flexibility to add your favourite retro arcade games. The stand-up 2-player gaming experience is made easy, thanks to the GameEx front end.

When you’re finished with your multi game arcade machine, the upright arcade cabinet reverts back to being a superb piece of stylish and contemporary furniture. The side panels are veneered in Macassar ebony, oak or walnut, with a distinctive gloss black centre running from top to bottom. Discreetly tucked away at the back are the built-in Ethernet and double USB ports, allowing both wired and wireless connectivity, as well as an HDMI port to connect your device to your other tech.

The original giant Rubik’s Cube

Who can resist this iconic piece of 80s life? The giant Rubik’s Cube table is more than just a piece of furniture. This multi-purpose Rubik’s cube coffee table will be a real talking point in your living room, no matter how old or young you and your guests are. Big kids and young kids alike will make use of this Rubik’s cube storage table. It can be supplied already solved, unless you fancy a challenge – choose “solved” or “scrambled”.

4-player arcade coat hooks

Why not show off your love of retro gaming in your home? These hangUP arcade joystick coat hooks are perfectly shaped to hang your coat, umbrella, bag, dog lead or anything else with a hanging loop. Customise these retro gaming coat hooks to your own specification, selecting from a black, white or walnut back panel. Then choose your 4 favourite arcade joystick balltop colours.

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From Arcade Coffee Tables for Space Invaders addicts to Giant Rubik’s Cubes for the nostalgic among us, we offer high quality customisable and multi-functional retro modern furniture and accessories for the home, leisure and business markets. Our exciting range of innovative products include the Nucleus Contemporary Arcade Coffee Table, Retrograde Upright Arcade Gaming Unit and unique new takes on traditional home essentials such as Coat Hooks, Games Room Furniture and other inspiring, quirky gadgets for the home such as our Arcade Button Coasters . Our products are designed and assembled in-house, and manufactured in the UK to a very high standard. We deliver world wide.

Children of the 70s and 80s will have fond memories of early gaming systems like the Atari or NES. You might even have taken it a step further and spent your childhood at the arcades, feeding your pocket money into arcade machines with your friends. Just because you’ve grown up doesn’t mean that you need to wave the good times goodbye – why not incorporate hints of them into your home with some fantastic furnishings and retro gaming accessories?

If you want to take it a step further, check out gaming furniture. These funky tables incorporate some of the world’s favourite video games into a piece of contemporary furniture, with a hidden twist which is sure to wow game loving guests. With worldwide delivery, why not bring a piece of the 80s into your home, and relive the golden days of gaming.

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