Order Process


You click ‘buy’, we put them in a jiffy bag, take them to Royal Mail within a day or two and off they go. They will end up in the hands of your national postal service before ending up on your doormat. Delivery times vary.


You ponder over balltop colours for 10 minutes, then click ‘buy’. We surround the corners with foam, put the joystick components in bags then pack them in a box which may be slender enough to fit through your letterbox. Like the drinkUP, we leave these in the capable hands of our postal service.

Rubik’s Cube

Another, maybe tougher decision to make. Solved or scrambled. You click ‘buy’ and we grab a box off the shelf. (A box that hasn’t let us down yet.) We then ship it off within a couple of days. If you’re in the UK, it’s usually then one working day. Europe a few days and the rest of the world around a week.

Coffee table and upright

This is where it gets a bit more serious. You click ‘buy’. We get in contact regarding availability and shipping dates.

If you’re close enough, you then get to see two genuine surface tension employees with your new arrival.

If you’re close enough but not across the water, we carefully pack it onto a pallet and it gets to you by road. It’s delivered ‘kerbside’ so you’ll need a pair of fit people to unpack and shift. Make sure your doorway is wide enough for the table. If it’s not, get in contact; there are ways.

If you live a bit further away, it’s got a long way to go so we’re not taking ANY chances. Your new retro gaming system is being safely packed into a custom crate which is then sent on it’s way to you by air. If you aren’t in a rush, we can ship by sea. It’s better for our planet and you’ll save yourself bit of cash. It is shipped by what’s know as Direct Duty Unpaid. This means it’s being delivered directly to you, but you’re responsible for any local charges. It will most likely be delivered ‘kerbside’ also.

DanOrder Process