20 inspirational games room ideas

Whether you’re a retro gamer, modern console and PC gamer or board gamer, you have to admit we would all love our own dedicated games room. Whether it’s all of your retro consoles complete with back catalogs of cartridges, the latest consoles connected up to the latest 4K TV, your beloved collection of arcade machines and pinball tables or even your boxes of board games. We’re looking to help you with some games room ideas to help design your own!

Here are some of the ways for gamers get their fix. Whether it’s a fully-fledged games room, or just a way of discreetly introducing your games tech into the family home.

Football themed man cave

Let’s kick off with a proper man cave. The place where real men hang out whilst drinking beer and arguing over which players aren’t earning their keep. A real striking theme here with plenty of red going on with the Liverpool themed pool table and darts mat. A TV in the corner to keep an eye on your team whilst playing some pinball, putting your money into the owner’s fruit machine or playing table football. There’s also a poker table for those late night sessions. Strictly no shoes allowed though and that also goes for the retriever.

mancave with pool and table football

Dan20 inspirational games room ideas
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Preview of the new Dual arcade table

The new Dual arcade coffee table – Coming soon!

We’ve all been working hard on the new Dual arcade table and it’s looking pretty sweet! But why should we keep it all to ourselves?

Dual Arcade Table Re-Design

Where to start!

Why the re-design? Well, we felt the original design a little outdated. It also didn’t lend itself to any flexibility to personalising which we often get asked about and offer on both our other home arcade systems. Another reason was to reduce the assembly time in order to enable us to ship quicker.

A quick run down of the first unit in the photo shows the new Dual sporting a pair of solid walnut legs with our familiar paintwork in black gloss. The top is tinted and toughened and the speakers are discreetly located at each end.

Opposite Arcade Controls

You want to go straight to the main event? OK, so pull out the control panel drawers on both sides to give you 2 players with alternate play on the flipped screen. Not shown here (as we weren’t yet up and running), the 19″ display is located under the toughened glass. It’s tinted at the right level so as you can’t see anything other than the games themselves, but plenty bright enough in daylight.

arcade table with controls on both sides

Arcade control panel

The new Dual features the original drawer mechanism to hide the arcade controls away when not in use. We fit with Sanwa JLW arcade joysticks. These are switchable between 4 and 8 way by a lift of the control panel and rotation of a plate. Also fitted are Happ arcade buttons, designed to take a bashing over and over again. All mounted on our bolt-less metal panel which folds away when pressing the release mechanism which is easy to reach but located out of sight.

Arcade Table Legs

We’re really proud of this feature. You can choose from a selection of timbers which will include walnut (pictured), oak and ply just like our Retrograde and Nucleus systems. But what if you decide to change your decor, or even move? Well we can ship out another pair of legs to match that can be fitted in under 5 minutes.

arcade coffee table with controls both sides

Arcade table speaker covers

We fit our system speakers with a sturdy, medium weave acoustically transparent black cloth. For the first time, we’re going to be offering colour options here. We’re looking forward to seeing some of the customer choices when combined with the choice of timbers!

arcade coffee table end view

Mains powered

The one cable you can’t do without and most people aren’t willing to have a socket installed into the floor. Well, we’re doing our best to keep the table looking as clean as possible by creating a tidier cable trail by incorporating a slot into the legs. The cable can be run out in either direction and at either end.

groove in the wood cable guide

Arcade table power button and volume control

You’ll have to excuse this photo. You really are getting a sneak preview here! This will be updated as soon as we have the panel up together.

What’s this flap about? Previously, the power switch and volume control were located underneath. We’ve taken a good think about this and found a new place for them. Just click open the pop-out panel to access the power and volume. Not only that, we’ve managed to fit a USB charger option in here too. After all, we all need our devices in sight, right?

Customisable Arcade Table

We will be able to fit the Dual out with LED lighting underneath which is remote controlled and looks pretty cool during those late night game sessions.

To really complete the customisation options, we will in the future be offering the ability to change the gloss faces for anything of your choice using vinyl wrapping. The panels are easily swapped too, so if you fancy a change a couple of years down the line, we can ship something different out.

Feel free to get in touch on any of the above or if you want to ask about any other custom options. We will be updating the Dual page soon. In the mean time, you can keep an eye on what we’re doing behind the scenes on Instagram and Facebook.

DanPreview of the new Dual arcade table
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surface tension Dual in House magazine

We’ve just been sent details of our inclusion in House Magazine. A great high-end property magazine covering a whole range of subjects, including interior design. Our first entry is nestled in on the same page as the sweet looking face warmer.

house magazine arcade table articleHouse showcases many high end homes as well as all sorts of furniture and fun items to have in your home.

surface tension Dual ::  House Magazine

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Surface Tensionsurface tension Dual in House magazine
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Glass Pool Table – Rack To The Future

When money is truly no object and things of beauty are a must, the G-1 Glass Pool Table is for you. Making every other pool table you’ve racked up on seem utterly prehistoric, this modern beauty was created by Nottage Design and makes a wonderful addition to your high-rise office, modern games room, or millonaires want list.


Topped with a patented Vitrik playing surface that plays just like baize, the award-winning G-1 is clearly revolutionary. We’re talking premium quality 15mm Monolithic Float glass with exposed polished edges, a lightweight skeletal frame with fully-visable ball-return mechanism, BCA-spec pockets and K-66 bumpers. No, we’re not entirely sure what all that means but the G-1 looks awesome and plays like a dream.

To learn more about this amazing pool table go to Nottage Design and you can pre-order it from firebox for a cool £34,999.

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Surface TensionGlass Pool Table – Rack To The Future
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Henge concrete table tennis platform


Answering your first question, yes these tables do conform to the International Table Tennis Federation specification for bounce! So, what more did you want to know?

Well, this is a table tennis table designed by New York company, HENGE. The table is reinforced concrete, which is then polished and sealed. The net is a powder-coated steel, or available as uncoloured stainless for a little more.

Say goodbye to your rotten outdoor table and hello to your new permanent fixture!

HENGE recently donated this table to NYC for everyone to use.

HENGE :: BornRich

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Surface TensionHenge concrete table tennis platform
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Play some table football in style

In these winter months when going outside for a kick-around isn’t so appealing, maybe staying in and playing on a table of luxury materials is the better option. Italian Billiard-table maker Cavicchi have produced a high-end football table with “crystal playfield, shiny black floor and silver playlines”. Available in a range of materials and finishes from solid timber to gloss.


The Opera range of tables are available in a whole host of finishes such as leather, ebony and gold leaf. Plus a mix of different themes such as F1, mosaic and Ninja Turtle!


This is a great looking table, though I think I’d spend all my time looking out the window…


Also available is a more traditional, squarer look, Cavicchi offer the Linear range.

Cavicchi football table :: bornrich

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Surface TensionPlay some table football in style
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Retro-Tech’s new media table

Retro-Tech have just released their new Platinum table offering up a “full multimedia experience”.

Running on Windows, it holds a 22″ LCD and uses the Logitech diNovo Edge as offered with the surface tension arcade tables. Other details are a little thin on the ground, but it’s a great looking table.

It can easily be connected up to your flat-screen TV and hi-fi. Another recent addition is the Arcade Coffee Table with that old-skool head-to-head gaming experience.
arcade table in metal and glass

Like surface tension, Retro-tech is another UK-based company of arcade tables and media tables keeping the manufacturing side in the UK.

Go to Retro-Tech for more information.

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Surface TensionRetro-Tech’s new media table
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The new surface tension table

We’ve recently been down at Patrick’s bar in Parkstone, Bournemouth running a photo shoot for the new surface tension arcade table. It’s not going to replace the existing system, but offer an alternative for those with different tastes. The website should be updated soon, but in the mean time here’s a few images to keep you going…

arcade coffee table next to couch in patrick's bar

The new table in full… solid wood frame with full toughened glass top.

arcade table control panel

Discreet control panel with the same high-quality arcade parts. Note that the future systems will now ship with a slightly longer panel, incorporating either Happ concave or Sanwa convex buttons and a spinner, as well as the 2­.25″ happ trackball. All on the same high-quality grained, anodised and silk-screened aluminium control panel.blank.png

walnut table leg and speaker cover for arcade coffee table

The re-designed speaker system and 6mm toughened glass top.

walnut corner detail joint

Mortise and Tenon corner joint… Walnut frame with inset Maple. We can manufacture to your specification if you require a specific timber or finish. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

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Surface TensionThe new surface tension table
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Geoffrey Parker Games table

Sometimes you need to give your eyes a rest from video games and make time for something more traditional. Geoffrey Parker Games have created ‘the world’s most comprehensive traditional games table ever made’. As well as video games, I’m a huge fan of board games and traditional table games, so this is pretty exciting!

Inside this table, you can have up to 33 games including tradition games such as backgammon, chess and draughts. Then some classic board games like Monopoly, Cluedo and Risk. There are also a bunch of casino games such as roulette, blackjack and poker. Just select what games you want included and the price is adjusted to suit.

Finished in Dauphin calf leather in a range of colours to fit into your environment. Veneers coming soon.


Geoffrey parker games table :: Born Rich

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Surface TensionGeoffrey Parker Games table
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