The original giant Rubik’s Cube storage table

Solved or scrambled • Seating, storage or table • Licensed by Rubik’s® • Made in the UK • Shipped worldwide


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We offer two configurations of Rubik’s cube; solved and scrambled.

The solved version has the yellow stickers on top, so if you know your Rubik’s Cubes, you’ll know there are no white stickers on this one!

The scrambled version is an authentically unsolved cube configuration.

This is the original giant version of the iconic 80’s toy. Our Rubik’s Cube is a fun, multi-purpose piece of furniture. There’s never been a more desirable place to perch. Our cubes will bring life to your living room and order to your play room.

They aren’t a fully functional puzzle, but you can hide all your clutter inside it before your guests arrive.

Our Rubik’s Cubes are shipped in custom packaging to make sure it gets to you in one piece… well, two – the lid and the base. Both of which are fully assembled and ready to go straight out of the box. The lid snugly and inconspicuously fits on to become the top 1/3 of the cube.

Manufactured in the UK, sprayed with tough gloss black and finished with hard-wearing vinyl stickers that won’t fade or peel. Measuring in at your average coffee table height and around the weight of 4 cats, these are considerable pieces of furniture and we ship them worldwide.

  • Measures 45cm x 45cm x 45cm
  • Weighs 15Kg
  • Machined from MDF, primed then sprayed
  • Exterior-grade vinyl stickers
  • 4 recessed feet
  • 1 year warranty