surface tension arcade systems now running on Windows 10

All things must move forward. We have just rolled out our last arcade table on Windows 7 with surface tension arcade systems now running on Windows 10. It has taken a bit of setting up, but we’re now all configured for Microsoft’s latest operating system.

We really liked Windows 7 for its familiarity as a desktop OS, but the evolution to a more contemporary interface was the way forward.

surface tension arcade systems now running on Windows 10

After tinkering around with Windows 10 for a few weeks, we love it and feel it complements our Nucleus and Retrograde home arcade systems. We configure to a fairly simple specification – after all, we don’t want to tell our customers how they should have their desktops! It’s easy to navigate with the arcade trackball and buttons on the control panel. Customize and add your own apps with desktop access that we’re now accustomed to through the use of smartphones.

shuttle logo

PC hardware

We have been installing Shuttle PC systems in our products for around 7 years now, with the current stock model being the SH87R6. Attractive, robust and compact, these things are real performers. We kit them out as standard with the Pentium CPU, 4GB RAM and 1TB HDD. We’ll also work with you on creating your own custom spec PC.

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Arcade frontend

Running the games menu system on our home arcade systems is GameEx. It’s highly-configurable and oh so easy to navigate. It’s configured to run the pre-loaded games but easy to add your own computer and console emulators. There are tremors of the updated GameEx Evolution which looks to give surface tension arcade systems an even slicker interface.


Dansurface tension arcade systems now running on Windows 10