Arcade coffee tables

Re-live the thrill of the arcade with our arcade machines and tables

Remember the thrill and adrenaline that came from an afternoon at the arcade with your mates as a kid? The nerves and focus you felt at the start of every side-by-side game? The sounds, lights and pure excitement? Well now you can recreate the perfect retro gaming experience in your own home or office; surface tension provides a fantastic array of MAME-compatible arcade gaming machines and tables – loaded with classic games! Find out more about our exclusive range of top-sellers below:

Dual! A classic arcade machine table

Sit head-to-head and battle out arcade classics with your friends, family and co-workers. The Dual is a real plug-and-play arcade machine table and it comes loaded with 60 classic and exciting games. As with the vintage arcade table experience, players sit head to head and the game alternates between players with a clever screen flip. If you love arcade coffee tables, you’ll love this – with its stylish walnut veneer and gloss black sides. The Dual is one of our most popular arcade coffee table models and it’s perfect for completing your games room or for treating workers in your creative office!

Nucleus! The ultimate arcade table

Sit side by side with your fellow player for arcade gaming at its finest. Are you ready for the ultimate in gaming choice? The Nucleus is the king of multi-functional arcade coffee tables. Like the Dual, it is pre-programmed with games, but the Nucleus goes one step further with a whopping 100 games using its own integrated PC! This arcade coffee table is also MAME-compatible and ready for loading with extra games, so you’ll never get bored with the vast variety on offer! The play field is designed to allow side-by-side gaming, with everything you need to play those classic arcade machine table games that we all know and love.

The Nucleus is fitted with a high-quality Shuttle PC, which makes it perfect for going online, playing music and watching videos, as well as enjoying your retro gaming fun! This arcade table comes in a beautiful and top-quality gloss black, with options for a solid walnut, solid oak or birch ply scheme to fit your decor. This is a serious piece of arcade gaming kit with incredible style and versatility – and it’s sure to become a talking point in your home or business.

Upright arcade machines

Your more traditional upright arcade cabinet

Retrograde! Our upright arcade machine cabinet

Retrograde is designed to provide you with the more traditional retro gaming arcade cabinet experience. Our expert craftsmen have taken the original upright cabinet and given it a modern spin to recreate the original thrilling feel of the arcade! This really is the best arcade gaming cabinet and it comes loaded and ready to go with 100 amazing games – and plenty of space for new ones. You’ll love the shoulder-to-shoulder gaming experience with the original style joysticks, buttons and a trackball. Fitted with a quality Shuttle PC, this MAME-compatible arcade cabinet is for sale and ready for anything!

Our expert designers have excelled themselves on the original styling of the Retrograde and is for sale available in Macassar ebony, oak and American black walnut veneer side finishes, with a shiny gloss black centre. It will make an amazing feature in your home and a real talking point!

So, for functionality filled arcade tables and cabinets that look amazing, come packed with quality retro games, and offer all the thrill and adrenaline that you remember from original arcade gaming as a kid – contact surface tension today!