Polycade – Retro arcade of the future

If you’ve not heard of the Polycade, it’s the wall-mount arcade machine that in December ’15 easily exceeded its $20,000 Kickstarter goal. It is the creation of brothers Tyler Bushnell, Dylan Bushnell (sons of Nolan) and Charles Carden.

polycade wall mount arcade machine

Polycade wall-mounted arcade machine on Kickstarter

From their Kickstarter page… it’s a CNC-cut, plywood shell which is then spray-painted (twice) with gloss paint in a choice of finishes. Or if you chose it, is instead vinyl wrapped with printed vinyl. Designed for those who want something to fit in with a more minimal Panton-esque apartment.

polycade colour finishes

There are a few choices for the control panel with either Happ, Sanwa or Ultimarc sticks. Plus there’s an option to have a 4-way stick or trackball in the centre of the panel. Marble Madness anyone? It is also supposedly removable for any future requirement to swap it out. polycade street fighter 2 girl

The Polycade runs on a Raspberry Pi running RetroPie and is brought to life via a 28″ LED TV. These are due to be rolled out in March, so we look forward to seeing the production item!

Polycade update:

One of the perks on the Kickstarter was to ship out a bunch of signed Atari cartridges by Nolan himself, as well as a live broadcast. Looking at the blog, this has taken place and it’s funny to read some of the comments!

See more on Kickstarter.

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retro space – modern retro

Made in Holland, this is a modern take on Nolan Bushnell’s computer space arcade machine. Also reminiscent of the original Pong machine in my eye. I really like the style of the cabinet! This would go really well with retro 70s-inspired decor.

Retro yellow arcade control panel

The control panel, even though containing the majority of the arsenal you would need in order to tackle most arcade games, looks clean and uncluttered.

Retro Space has been made in a one-time small production run of 33 cabinets. 26 were bought by the Dutch Game Garden to promote the best game productions from the Netherlands in an annual event called Indigo Showcase. At the moment there are no cabinets for sale, but you can rent a yellow or a blue one. They will do a custom run if you’re willing to buy at least 5.

source :: retro thing

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Need arcade manuals?

Jason Scott over at textfiles.com is hosting a bunch of arcade manuals in pdf format. Well, when I say a bunch, I mean over 1,700. Not only the manuals, but there are also some schematics and machine information if you are looking to restore a machine that you’ve managed to lay your hands on.

So anyway, head on over to textfiles.com for the manuals. There are also manuals for all sorts of other weird and wonderful items such as PDAs, CBs and scanners. Plus a whole bunch of other bizarre documents. All in PDF of course!

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