hangUP – Arcade joystick coat hooks

3 back panel finishes • 7 balltop colours • Made in the UK • Shipped worldwide

From £29.99

Finish *

Ball Top 1 *

Ball Top 2 *

Ball Top 3 *

Ball Top 4 *

This is the finish of the back panel. Three options for matching your decor.


Pick your 4 balltops individually. There are seven colours to choose from – red, black, white, green, blue, yellow, pink.

If you’re going for the mixed option, the hangUP is self assembly so you can arrange them how you want.


Our very own hangUP arcade joystick coat hooks. Built to last, just like the original arcade control panels from the Pacman era. You get four joysticks to hang all your stuff on and a button to jab (you’ll have to make your own noises). You can choose from a variety of different back panels and balltops, in fact giving you seven thousand, two hundred and three configurations.

First choice is the backboard. These are available in a vibrant walnut, satin black or cool white finish. Then it’s the balltops. 7 colours available and you can choose all the same, or mix it up a bit. Red, black, blue, green, yellow, pink, white.

The hangUP is manufactured in the UK using genuine arcade parts. It can be assembled in under five minutes, be up on the wall in another five and have all your stuff on it in thirty seconds flat.

Fully assembled, it measures 48cm x 11cm and sticks out about 8cm.

Does the button press?

We are working on it, but for now it’s fixed.

Can I have a different finish of backboard?

We’re pretty flexible. Get in contact and we’ll see how we can help.

What are the shipped dimensions?

The box is 58cm x 14cm x 4cm and weighs 1Kg

Does it need assembling?

Yes, but it’s an absolute doddle.