20 inspirational games room ideas

Whether you’re a retro gamer, modern console and PC gamer or board gamer, you have to admit we would all love our own dedicated games room. Whether it’s all of your retro consoles complete with back catalogs of cartridges, the latest consoles connected up to the latest 4K TV, your beloved collection of arcade machines and pinball tables or even your boxes of board games. We’re looking to help you with some games room ideas to help design your own!

Here are some of the ways for gamers get their fix. Whether it’s a fully-fledged games room, or just a way of discreetly introducing your games tech into the family home.

Football themed man cave

Let’s kick off with a proper man cave. The place where real men hang out whilst drinking beer and arguing over which players aren’t earning their keep. A real striking theme here with plenty of red going on with the Liverpool themed pool table and darts mat. A TV in the corner to keep an eye on your team whilst playing some pinball, putting your money into the owner’s fruit machine or playing table football. There’s also a poker table for those late night sessions. Strictly no shoes allowed though and that also goes for the retriever.

mancave with pool and table football

Dan20 inspirational games room ideas
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Nucleus arcade table at The Ideal Home Show

You may have seen on our Twitter or Facebook feed that we have a Nucleus arcade table at the Ideal Home Show this year. (It’s on until Sunday 3rd April btw) The Nucleus featured in the Ideal Smart Home powered by Virgin Media.

Ideal Smart Home Powered by Virgin Media

We visited on the first day to make sure everything was good with the table on the stand. After all it would be getting a good hammering over the 17 days! We met the great staff manning the Virgin Media Smart Home and maybe even had a quick game on the table!

virgin smart home staff

Every day at the Ideal Home Show in the Virgin Media Smart Home there were multiple presentations on some ideas on creating a smarter home. We got ourselves over for the first one, which included special guest Suzi Perry. So I couldn’t resist challenging her to a game of Bubble Bobble.

Suzi Perry arcade table surface tension

Suzi was only there for the first presentation, along side the amazing Lee talking the crowd through some of the items within the smart home. Lee was then to soldier on alone for the rest of the 17 days.

Suzi Perry ideal smart home

BeoPlay A9

This features the BeoLink Multiroom technology, which unites your B&O PLAY and Bang & Olufsen products into one wireless system. You can play different music in different rooms – or let one song play on all your speakers throughout the home. Connect using AirPlay, DLNA or Bluetooth 4.0 and you will be playing your music in a matter of seconds.

beoplay a9 ideal home show


A fully integrated desktop 3D scanning solution with 3D object capture, editing and multiple streamlined 3D print options. Now anyone can grab something from the real world, manipulate it in the digital world, and bring it to life in physical space.

sprout scanner ideal home show

Smart light bulbs

There were 3 smart light bulbs up in the kitchen. The LIFX Colour 1000 with smartphone control over wifi. The Olixar Lightbeats controlled by Bluetooth, plus also plays your music! The Vocca pro is a voice-activated bulb which can be turned on or off by command.

smart light bulbs ideal home show


An interactive wireless pet camera that helps you stay connected to your pets when you are not at home. Petcube pet monitor system lets you watch, talk and play laser games with your dog or cat from anywhere using your smartphone. You can share access to your pet video cam with your friends, family or anyone else on Petcube network.

petcube ideal home show

Smarter Coffee

Enjoy Smarter Coffee with a wifi enabled brew station. The machine will grind the beans up before brewing, so you will always have the fresh stuff but without the wait. You can set it going straight after your alarm goes off so when you get downstairs, you’ll have a fresh cup in your hand without any wait.

smarter coffee maker ideal home show

Nucleus arcade table at The Ideal Home Show

Along side all of these great products was our Nucleus arcade table at the Ideal Home Show. If you have been to the show and had a play on the table, or are planning to go, send us a tweet or Instagram snap using #surface_tension_design.

Nucleus arcade table at The Ideal Home Show

Nucleus arcade table at The Ideal Home Show

Nucleus arcade table at The Ideal Home Show

Nucleus arcade table at The Ideal Home Show

DanNucleus arcade table at The Ideal Home Show
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surface tension on Homify

Homify is an online platform for architecture, interior design, building and decoration. With images and articles to help build your dream home.

If you’ve not stumbled upon Homify yet, well it’s a great resource to help put your perfect home together. Items get tagged for certain rooms or scenarios called ‘idea books’, making it easy for you cherry pick.

You can filter by rooms, starting from porches, studies and sheds, then work your way up to kitchens, living rooms and even yachts! Select from a whole range of styles from Scandinavian to tropical, colonial to industrial. This enables you to browse through all of the rooms and images and pick out items and add them to your idea books. It’s a hassle-free way to create an ideas board which you can add to and remove from easily.

Homify ideas for the perfect home

surface tension on Homify

We now have our Nucleus and Rubik’s cube featured on the site, so you can add them to your idea books.

homify surface tension


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Dansurface tension on Homify
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surface tension Dual in House magazine

We’ve just been sent details of our inclusion in House Magazine. A great high-end property magazine covering a whole range of subjects, including interior design. Our first entry is nestled in on the same page as the sweet looking face warmer.

house magazine arcade table articleHouse showcases many high end homes as well as all sorts of furniture and fun items to have in your home.

surface tension Dual ::  House Magazine

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Surface Tensionsurface tension Dual in House magazine
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Table football coat hooks

We’ve already plugged the Weather coat rack, the Heartbeat coat rack and of course the Arcade coat hooks.

On a similar gaming tip, this one’s for the football fans. Produced by TodoCecilia at her Etsy shop, these are handpainted and also customisable.

One skewer, 4 footballers… maybe the wall is the best place for them. I was never any good at this game, so maybe it’s just sour grapes.


Sports Rack by TodoCecilia

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Surface TensionTable football coat hooks
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Super Mario Bros in the bathroom

Not like that.

There’s nothing wrong with letting a bit of your retro-nerd tendencies seep out now and again. (Though you should always know your limits).


Eisley over at Destructoid, and her boyfriend, decided to turn their guest bathroom into a 2D Mario haven. Sounds like they’ve put in a lot of hours, and according to the blurb, there’s still more detail to go… before moving on to another room!

“This is just the first part, though, we’re starting the next level, in the second room of this bathroom, next weekend. And after that we have plans for shelves, custom light switches, fixing up a themed shower curtain, certain Marionoises somehow happening, Club Nintendo towels, and so on. The ideas never really seem to stop flowing. And yet, as we were finishing this first level yesterday my boyfriend mentioned doing yet another themed room.”

Sounds like a lot of work, but looks like a great job!



Super Mario Brothers bathroom :: technabob

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Surface TensionSuper Mario Bros in the bathroom
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Fried egg rug

A little off-topic here, but this rug caught my eye. Rest-assured there will be no egg-based puns in this post. From Architect Valentina Audrito, the egg rug… though someone on this blog thinks otherwise! There are a couple more egg-based concepts on their page too.

Complete with double yolk pillows. If only they were a little taller, they would be perfect seating for a game of Space Invaders! Great for crashing out and watching a movie on!

egg rug :: boing boing

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Surface TensionFried egg rug
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