Fallout 4 bar top arcade

Fallout 4 bar top arcade

As well as retro gaming, I need a taste of the modern and currently have a mild addiction to Fallout 4 (in which I also usually have an addiction to BuffJet). So when this Fallout 4 bar top arcade machine appeared in my Bethesda feed this morning, I had to share!

Bar tops are a great way to scratch your retro-gaming itch whilst appeasing the household. Small, light and therefore portable, meaning you can keep it hidden away in a cupboard. Covered with some really nice Fallout artwork this baby includes the logo and vault boy. Plus Vault-Tec colour-matching joystick and buttons… though the speakers bother me a little!

I can’t find too much info on this, but it apparently has a Raspberry Pi and XBox 360 inside. Sweet!


DanFallout 4 bar top arcade
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Chain Chomp Cat Bed

Chain chomp cat bed

It’s not particularly new, but I’m sure not everyone in the niche market of Super Mario and cats has seen this – the chain chomp cat bed!

So these guys make a lot of stuff for his cats (as well as other people’s). But the one thing that caught my eye was this giant Chain Chomp, which you may recognise from Nintendo’s Mario series, first appearing in Super Mario 3.

chain chomp cat bed

So this creation started life as a huge polystyrene ball…

chain chomp cat bed

Which after plenty of chopping and painting and the addition of a chain…

Chain Chomp cat bed

Now if only I could persuade Crumpet to sleep in one of these, I’d be in the workshop in a flash. Fat chance. She does exactly what she wants.

not ready for the chain chomp cat bed

Take a look at their site. Mike and Megan make a lot of interesting things to climb on for cats. Things I would have loved to climb all over as a kid.

See more over at catastrophicreations.com. Make sure you click on the Community >> Cat Toy Graveyard to see not only more of the Chomp Chain cat bed, but also the Mario Cat Complex, the Wooden Cat Drinking Fountain and the colourful Tetris Cat Stepping Stones!

DanChain Chomp Cat Bed
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Polycade – Retro arcade of the future

If you’ve not heard of the Polycade, it’s the wall-mount arcade machine that in December ’15 easily exceeded its $20,000 Kickstarter goal. It is the creation of brothers Tyler Bushnell, Dylan Bushnell (sons of Nolan) and Charles Carden.

polycade wall mount arcade machine

Polycade wall-mounted arcade machine on Kickstarter

From their Kickstarter page… it’s a CNC-cut, plywood shell which is then spray-painted (twice) with gloss paint in a choice of finishes. Or if you chose it, is instead vinyl wrapped with printed vinyl. Designed for those who want something to fit in with a more minimal Panton-esque apartment.

polycade colour finishes

There are a few choices for the control panel with either Happ, Sanwa or Ultimarc sticks. Plus there’s an option to have a 4-way stick or trackball in the centre of the panel. Marble Madness anyone? It is also supposedly removable for any future requirement to swap it out. polycade street fighter 2 girl

The Polycade runs on a Raspberry Pi running RetroPie and is brought to life via a 28″ LED TV. These are due to be rolled out in March, so we look forward to seeing the production item!

Polycade update:

One of the perks on the Kickstarter was to ship out a bunch of signed Atari cartridges by Nolan himself, as well as a live broadcast. Looking at the blog, this has taken place and it’s funny to read some of the comments!

See more on Kickstarter.

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DanPolycade – Retro arcade of the future
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Wobble chess board

I’m a regular browser of Reddit and a keen follower of the woodworking subreddit. This means discovering many amazing projects. So the other day I stumbled upon this wobble chess set with its concave squares to neatly house the brass-based pieces.

walnut maple wobble chess set

The pieces and board are made from walnut, maple and brass. You can see with the detail that a lot of time has gone onto this. If you follow the link through you’ll see the ingenious way the concave squares were carved out using a table saw and rotating jig.

walnut maple wobble chess set

Where is the chess set now?

The really cool end to the story is that the guy who made it had it sold for $1,000, until he found out the money was donations to benefit a navy crew on a combat ship. So he just decided to donate it and it can now be found on the USS Millwaukee.

via :: Reddit

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The classic arcade gets a high-end makeover

Over the Christmas break, I took the time to have a chat with one of the guys working over at The Wall Street Journal in the US. It was about a feature looking into arcade gaming at home and how things have evolved that you don’t have to have a 40-year old machine in your lounge to be enjoying the old arcade classics.

Wall street journal arcade article

Wall Street Journal final cut

We spoke for quite a while (long enough that I had to pause The Great Escape on TV) about how things came about and what led us to be doing what we are. How in the 80’s I used to cycle about 5 miles to the nearest arcade with my friends, burn out all our pocket money on Gauntlet, Double Dragon and Outrun, then cycle home again. Ah, those halcyon days of school holidays and my BMX. However, none of that made it into the article as Tyler Bushnell took the lion’s share of the page (hey, my dad worked in banking!) But we got our Nucleus arcade table into print as well as online with a couple of other great looking home arcade systems!

See it here on the WSJ online…

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surface tension on Homify

Homify is an online platform for architecture, interior design, building and decoration. With images and articles to help build your dream home.

If you’ve not stumbled upon Homify yet, well it’s a great resource to help put your perfect home together. Items get tagged for certain rooms or scenarios called ‘idea books’, making it easy for you cherry pick.

You can filter by rooms, starting from porches, studies and sheds, then work your way up to kitchens, living rooms and even yachts! Select from a whole range of styles from Scandinavian to tropical, colonial to industrial. This enables you to browse through all of the rooms and images and pick out items and add them to your idea books. It’s a hassle-free way to create an ideas board which you can add to and remove from easily.

Homify ideas for the perfect home

surface tension on Homify

We now have our Nucleus and Rubik’s cube featured on the site, so you can add them to your idea books.

homify surface tension


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Dansurface tension on Homify
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Cacti Coasters

We love these cacti drinks coasters from a fellow UK-designer Clive Roddy! Keep those coffee rings off your coffee table. These rather amazing coasters stack up into a perfect looking cactus when not in use. Well, I say perfect, I’m sure left to their own devices your friends would leave them looking nothing like a cactus.

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Meccano home furniture

Finally some build-it-yourself furniture that you can relate to. You legitimately won’t be needing the instructions either – just grab yourself a spanner! From France’s Meccano Home, there’s a range of familiar-looking modular furniture. Sold in kits and ready to assemble, I see no reason why you can’t mix and match to give a whole load more possibilities.


Meccano home offers a reduced number of parts for constructing a variety of furniture; chairs, stools, coffee tables, high tables, console tables, TV cabinets storage…

Meccano furniture bolts

Meccano home is designed and manufactured in France.

Meccano furniture lamp



via :: werd


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Fun, active seating. The Ballo stool

These caught my eye as a fun-looking, colourful stool. Based around the idea of an exercise ball, they require a little core stability.

“Ballo is a multipurpose stool for short-term, active sitting. Ideal for a variety of uses, settings and spaces, the Ballo stool is suited to home and office environments and everywhere in between. Perfect for pulling up a quick seat, surrounding a conference table or for use in a reception area, Ballo inspires activity. Available in seven colors, Ballo’s playful aesthetic complements any space while promoting healthy movement.”

Their marketing pictures are provocative of a fun, active and healthy working environment. Great to have a few of these kicking around the office being colourful as well as functional.

Ballo functional seating

Nearly as colourful and playful as our Rubik’s Cube stool!

Ballo stool from Humanscale

via :: Design Milk


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Solving the Over-The-Top 17×17 puzzle cube

Today during my daily crawl through blogs using Pulse, I stumbled across this video of a guy solving the Over-The-Top puzzle from creator Oskar Van Deventer. If you’ve not seen it before, it’s basically a huge version of the Rubik’s Cube designed to mess with your mind even more. I struggle with the 2×2 but this guy, Kenneth Brandon reckons if you’ve got the 4×4 cube licked, then you can do this mammoth 17×17 beast.

“The 17 x 17 isn’t that hard, but it is very, very tedious.”

It took Kenneth 7.5 hours in total to solve over the space of 5 days. I imagine if you went at it in one hit, your eyes would start to hate you after not long. Anyway, below is the time-lapse with some interesting explanations at the start. But you can also see the full 7.5 hours on his YouTube channel if you’re interested…

via :: The Verge

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