20 inspirational games room ideas

Whether you’re a retro gamer, modern console and PC gamer or board gamer, you have to admit we would all love our own dedicated games room. Whether it’s all of your retro consoles complete with back catalogs of cartridges, the latest consoles connected up to the latest 4K TV, your beloved collection of arcade machines and pinball tables or even your boxes of board games. We’re looking to help you with some games room ideas to help design your own!

Here are some of the ways for gamers get their fix. Whether it’s a fully-fledged games room, or just a way of discreetly introducing your games tech into the family home.

Football themed man cave

Let’s kick off with a proper man cave. The place where real men hang out whilst drinking beer and arguing over which players aren’t earning their keep. A real striking theme here with plenty of red going on with the Liverpool themed pool table and darts mat. A TV in the corner to keep an eye on your team whilst playing some pinball, putting your money into the owner’s fruit machine or playing table football. There’s also a poker table for those late night sessions. Strictly no shoes allowed though and that also goes for the retriever.

mancave with pool and table football

Desert warfare console games room

Here we’ve got a dedicated console gaming room. Kitted out like an army base in the middle east in sandstorm camouflage. Huge barn doors, cargo netting, matching flooring, radioactive drop crates and even sand bags. Really cool attention to detail going on here with a row of comfortable looking gaming chairs for those long play sessions. With a big TV screen and accompanying sound bar, this looks like a great place to get your gaming fix. The ideal location to hammer your mates on the dust level of Counterstrike.


The perfect room for board games

It doesn’t all have to be about arcade and console gaming. This smartly designed board gaming room is a neat way to while away the hours playing board games and card games. This looks to be the basement of some property, so players can make plenty of noise down here without bugging the neighbours. The room is fitted with plenty of shelving for storing and displaying all of those board games. The red baize gaming table with focused lighting gives a great playing area. There’s even a TV and games console at the end, maybe for those knocked out early or taking a break from a game of poker.

board games room

Bowling alley gaming room

This looks to be either a luxury games room as part of a luxury mansion, hotel, or a company function room. Judging by what looks like a row of employee photos, it’s part of a company. Either way, it’s a great place to spend time with friends and colleagues. 2 bowling alleys which will keep a dozen or more people happy and in competitive spirit. Or whilst not playing, grab yourself a drink from the bar and head over to the tables and chairs to socialise. Tastefully decorated in neutral colours too, though the painting at the end of the lanes may put you off your game.


The ultimate party space

A tastefully designed party space with plenty of room to hold your lavish parties. This room features a full size billiards table taking up a large amount of the real estate with plenty of space around it so you’re not knocking your cue up against the wall. An Italian leather sofa sits comfortably distanced from the TV and projector with what looks to be a good sound system along with ceiling mounted speakers to really give your parties some atmosphere. The room also features an arcade machine and we all know it’s not a real party without one. When you’re not at any of the above, the bar is always open.

games room with large couch pool table and bar

Cosy attic retro arcade room

If you want your own little slice of the arcade days on a budget, this little section of attic room could be just what you’re looking for. For starters I just love that carpet which could be straight out of a 70’s arcade. The rainbow space invader wallpaper on the single wall section is a nice touch which doesn’t dazzle and is complemented by the vibrant purple and orange sections. The main piece here being the cocktail arcade table which can be played without distraction in this fairly dark top room.

small space with cocktail arcade table

Multi screen games room with LED lighting

Now this is console gaming in comfort! A tasteful mix of leather and wood with simple LED lighting to give a cool atmospheric glow. 5 TV screens including one giant centre screen to play your games consoles on. Talking of games consoles, there’s one for each player tucked into that custom-made cabinet. Well one of each as I can see what looks like an XBox One and PS4 in each column. Now if you could get some N64s in there for some Goldeneye action, it would be complete! Those seats sure look comfortable for those prolonged gaming sessions. Then when it’s time for a movie, I don’t think those speakers are going to disappoint!


American diner style games room

Unlike many of the rooms involving arcade machines, this games room is a total contrast! Light walls and furnishings along with plenty of lighting. A social room to hang out with friends or colleagues. It has a cocktail arcade machine for some head-to-head 70’s/80’s arcade gaming. For those feeling a little more energetic there’s a ping pong table. Then once you’re done playing, take a rest in those rather cool looking American diner bench seats after grabbing a beer from the fridge. It looks like there’s a projector in the house too, so you can all settle down and watch the big game!

diner style games room in turquoise

Day Room With Chalkboard Wall

Here we have another complete opposite to those dark arcade rooms. This cool day room has plenty of natural light and looks like an awesome place to spend time with friends. The solid pool table looks sturdy enough to handle endless parties. For those feeling a little more energetic, the table tennis table situated by the window gives plenty of natural light without the breeze affecting your top spin. You can also keep your scores on the chalkboard wall. For those tired out, or just ready for beer and pizza, there’s a cosy and colourful lounge section to crash out and watch a movie.

day room games room with pool table and chalk board

Bowling alley with putting green

It’s hard to tell if this is part of a company or a room in a luxury home, but it’s one serious party space! So taking up most of the space in here is a 2-lane ten pin bowling alley. Adjacent to this, set into the floor is a putting green – perfect for those textbook putts without wind or slope. When you’re ready to spectate, you can take the stairs or elevator up to the next floor which will give you good view of all games going on! Tastefully and minimally decorated with an incredible feeling of space… probably because there is loads of it!

luxury games room with bowling and golf

Table Tennis And Shuffleboard Room

This games room looks like it might be located out the back of a bar. The centre piece is the ping-pong table with plenty of room around it to make your return shot. Then tucked down the side of the room, running the whole length is a shuffleboard table. The colourful couches running along the opposite wall means those not playing can also watch the big game.

shuffle board and pool table games room

Dedicated home arcade games room

Just the way the arcades used to be. A closely grouped collection of classic coin-ops, ensuring that when you have all of your friends round for a party, you’ll be nudging shoulders. As well as the stand-up arcade cabinets, there’s a sit down head-to-head cocktail arcade machine giving you somewhere to rest your beer. The pinball makes a great addition, but damn it’s going to be noisy in there when that party is in full swing! The room is nicely brought together with the rather cool Space Invaders rug and numerous arcade-themed framed prints.

row of arcade machines with space invaders rug

Retro style arcade and retro consoles games room

Sometimes one picture isn’t enough to capture a nice games room and I particularly like this one. With 2 small corridors of classic arcade machines such as Pacman and Donkey Kong, the layout looks like it would give that old skool arcade feel. Especially when you have a lot of your friends over. There’s a cosy couch section too with LCD TV as well as a small CRT. Between these, all of the retro consoles tucked away in the sideboard are playable from the couch. The keyboard would suggest a media PC too, making it a great hideaway to watch your movies too! The decor is particularly striking here with the cool retro stripes colours and non-distracting walls. Plenty of collectable childhood toys here too. This is a proper mancave to draw some games room ideas from!

retro games room with arcade cabinets

retro decor games room

80’s arcade home room

Here we have a simple home arcade room, just the way we all remember! Very little lighting, dazzling marquees and the flashing of images on those original CRTs. Tapper, Tron, Ms Pacman, Missile Command… Some nice original arcade cabinets in here and great place to hang out with a few friends. The Atari neon sign has a nice throwback feel about it too.

arcade machine games room with neon atari sign

Bachelor Pad With Bar And Table Football

This incredibly spacious games room is a mix of games room, front room and sports bar. Laminate flooring throughout the bar section, moving into carpet over towards the TV for some films, sports or video games. The main area has a good sized bar to cope with any respectable party. There’s a TV behind to keep an eye on the scores whilst you grab a beer. The bar stools and tables make for a good sociable setting. There’s also a table football for when you want to get competitive. The whole room is well lit with plenty of downlighting.


sports bar games room

Mario themed raised work/play space

Someone has put in a lot of time and effort on this amazing space! It appears to be a mix of work and play areas, though I’m not sure if 3 monitors are for gaming or productivity! The whole area is raised up on a platform which has some really cool Super Mario Land artwork on the sides. Access to the platform is via a neat staircase which blends in with the room colours. Once you’re up top, Space Invader decals decorate the wall space. The console gaming area is made up of Tetris block storage compartments which are also finished to match the wall and floor colours. Incredible detail!

mario themed workspace games platform

Large Games Room With Pool, Arcade, Table Football and bar

This room has it all! When the big match is on, there’s a large sweeping couch giving everyone a good view of the screen after you’ve grabbed yourself a beer from the bar. Tied in with the colour of the couch is a pool table, plus the seating for the console gaming area – yes, that’s separate to the main TV! In the foreground there’s the main competitive component – table football. This is one amazing party room! But look through the arches at the back and you’ll see the arcade room. Now you’re talking!

large games room with red sofa pool table and football

Pop Art Pool Room

This room keeps things clean and simple. Brick walls are partially covered with numerous panels displaying pop art and vinyl. The centrepiece here though is the cool blue and white pool table. Plenty of space to get together with friends and sink a few balls.

pool table room with pop art

Bar And Games Room With Arcade And Roll & Score

Another great games room to be holding your parties at! There’s a well stocked bar with plenty of bar stools to keep the barman company. Three LCDs showing sports means you can keep an eye on all games going on. Everyone loves air hockey so I imagine this gets plenty of use. In the middle of the room is the fussball (or babyfoot) table for those team events. A vintage one-armed bandit sits on the mantle by the air hockey. Over in the opposite corner you have a roll & score game. Then you have a mini arcade! Sit down racer, pinball, arcade machine and Golden Tee pedestal.

games room with air hockey arcade bar

The Ultimate Retro Games Room

Saving one of the biggest and most comprehensive games rooms until last, this is the ultimate retro games room run by Heidi (stopXwhispering) from Sweden. If it’s retro gaming consoles that you’re into, then you couldn’t go wrong taking notes from this room. Having started collecting in 2002, this room has all of the retro consoles and computers, plus a whole range of memorabilia  to bring out the sense of nostalgia in almost everyone. All impeccably arranged too! From Game & Watch to SNES, Lynx to Jaguar, C64 to PC Engine. There’s also a Sega Blast City arcade cabinet for some old skool button bashing. Along with all the consoles and CRTs, there’s not a shortage of seating to pack people in here!

row of retro video consoles and crts

large retro video gaming room

If you’re thinking of taking the step towards making your own man cave or family games room, we hope this gave you some helpful games room ideas!

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