20 inspirational games room ideas

Whether you’re a retro gamer, modern console and PC gamer or board gamer, you have to admit we would all love our own dedicated games room. Whether it’s all of your retro consoles complete with back catalogs of cartridges, the latest consoles connected up to the latest 4K TV, your beloved collection of arcade machines and pinball tables or even your boxes of board games. We’re looking to help you with some games room ideas to help design your own!

Here are some of the ways for gamers get their fix. Whether it’s a fully-fledged games room, or just a way of discreetly introducing your games tech into the family home.

Football themed man cave

Let’s kick off with a proper man cave. The place where real men hang out whilst drinking beer and arguing over which players aren’t earning their keep. A real striking theme here with plenty of red going on with the Liverpool themed pool table and darts mat. A TV in the corner to keep an eye on your team whilst playing some pinball, putting your money into the owner’s fruit machine or playing table football. There’s also a poker table for those late night sessions. Strictly no shoes allowed though and that also goes for the retriever.

mancave with pool and table football

Dan20 inspirational games room ideas
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Wobble chess board

I’m a regular browser of Reddit and a keen follower of the woodworking subreddit. This means discovering many amazing projects. So the other day I stumbled upon this wobble chess set with its concave squares to neatly house the brass-based pieces.

walnut maple wobble chess set

The pieces and board are made from walnut, maple and brass. You can see with the detail that a lot of time has gone onto this. If you follow the link through you’ll see the ingenious way the concave squares were carved out using a table saw and rotating jig.

walnut maple wobble chess set

Where is the chess set now?

The really cool end to the story is that the guy who made it had it sold for $1,000, until he found out the money was donations to benefit a navy crew on a combat ship. So he just decided to donate it and it can now be found on the USS Millwaukee.

via :: Reddit

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DanWobble chess board
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Space Invaders Acrylic Chess Set

There’s a lot of great stuff appearing with the Kickstarter revolution. This Space Invaders chess set effortlessly caught our eye. The pieces are made from laser-cut fluorescent acrylic which snap into black bases so they can move around on the laser-cut, etched chess board.

Space Invaders Chess

As mentioned, this is a Kickstarter project, though the goal has already been reached, there are some full sets remaining at $65 but no early bird sets.

Space Invaders Chess

You can find the project here on Kickstarter.

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The Futur-ama of Operations

I don’t even know how many years it has been since I have played Operation, but I always enjoyed it as a kid.  It was always a challenge and it was a good game for seeing who had the steadiest hand.  Well, I think this Futurama version with Bender as the patient kicks the butt of the original board game!

Instructables member lcbo1234 is the creator of this awesome Futurama version of the board game Operation with Bender as the patient where you have to remove items from him like a gear, cigar, Fry’s wallet and a beer bottle.

If you are good at making things, you can find the guide to make your own Futurama game of Operation over at Instructables and if you do make one we’d love to see it!

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Star Wars, Lego and chess – a perfect combination

I am such a huge sucker for Lego and everything about it. I don’t really know why, maybe it’s the child in me that is constantly making itself known. If I had the time, I would sit and build small cities, but those days are long gone unfortunately. I still enjoy seeing what other people are putting together and I love this idea. Star Wars, Lego and chess all combined to make the most awesome-looking chess set I’ve ever seen.

Only problem is I can’t find out where to buy one, maybe I have to start building my own! If anyone out there knows if this set is for sale please let me know.

via: geektyrant

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The Coolest Chess Set Ever Made

This literally is the coolest chess set ever made. Pop these unique chess game ice trays in the freezer while you consider your opening move.

Play a Winner Eat All game with frozen juice pieces and an aggressive strategy or use colored water and see how many games you can play before your pawns melt. Or just have chess piece ice for that Kasparov martini recipe you’ve been saving. Your move.


Comes with TWO molds, enough to make two sets of chess pieces. You can create two different colors of chess pieces by using juice instead of water. A great way to speed up those chess games that could go on for hours. Ice your competition before your king melts.
via: Craziest Gadgets

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Zelda chess set

It shouldn’t always be all about video games and I feel that you should always take time out to play something a little more hands-on and interactive with fellow humans.


Fizz Man Industries spent 3 months bridging that gap with his sculpted Zelda chess set. It looks like it’s based on The WindWaker version… second only to OoT. But hey that’s just my opinion and because this is our blog, that makes it gospel.


Zelda Chess :: Nerd Approved

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Straight Up Chess

Having been around for over 1,000 years, you wouldn’t have thought there would be any evolution for this game, but Straight Up Chess suggests otherwise with the vertical chess board.

I feel you should always make time for games that don’t involve sitting in front of the TV with minimal interaction. Which, it must be mentioned that our surface tension tables come with backgammon and chess board images to encourage this sort of play.


I digress. What we have here are the Straight Up Chess boards. They are aimed at those who love chess, but also don’t have to time to sit down for a decent game. Playing in passing seems to be the vibe. Maybe placed in the office or hallway at home, play your move when you get the chance and update your ‘last move’ marker. Hmm, didn’t I say something about minimal interaction with computer games…? There is also a ‘check’ marker for when you’re ready to gloat. Out of sight of course.

These vertical boards are available is numerous finishes including maple, walnut and cherry.

source :: OhGizmo!

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