The new surface tension table

We’ve recently been down at Patrick’s bar in Parkstone, Bournemouth running a photo shoot for the new surface tension arcade table. It’s not going to replace the existing system, but offer an alternative for those with different tastes. The website should be updated soon, but in the mean time here’s a few images to keep you going…

arcade coffee table next to couch in patrick's bar

The new table in full… solid wood frame with full toughened glass top.

arcade table control panel

Discreet control panel with the same high-quality arcade parts. Note that the future systems will now ship with a slightly longer panel, incorporating either Happ concave or Sanwa convex buttons and a spinner, as well as the 2­.25″ happ trackball. All on the same high-quality grained, anodised and silk-screened aluminium control panel.blank.png

walnut table leg and speaker cover for arcade coffee table

The re-designed speaker system and 6mm toughened glass top.

walnut corner detail joint

Mortise and Tenon corner joint… Walnut frame with inset Maple. We can manufacture to your specification if you require a specific timber or finish. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

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Surface TensionThe new surface tension table
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