The Cool Stuff Collective @ MTV Studios

Last weekend surface tension rocked up to MTV studios in Camden to meet up with Matt from Archie Productions and drop off one of our Arcane systems to be filmed for a part of the show – The Cool Stuff Collective.


After dropping the table off first thing in the morning, we took a bit of time out to wander around Camden, which involved the discovery of a rather good board game shop! We then headed back in the afternoon to be on-hand during filming.

As we waited outside Studio B, Eamon Homes strolled out, meaning it was our turn to head in and set up. We met up with the crew, who were an amazing and friendly bunch.


We met up with Matt again… now in a gorilla suit, plus Sy who was allegedly turning into a gorilla. You can see from his hands and feet that this was the truth.


So, I got them set up and comfortable with the controls, albeit a little awkward with the oversized, hairy gorilla hands! The large studio door was then sealed and we stood back and watched them get on with it. So the gorilla and his pri-mate sat and watched a movie clip and played some Bubble Bobble, based around some comical monkey-based banter!


The episode of The Cool Stuff Collective will be aired on Mon 29th Nov, Friday 3rd, Sunday 5th Dec on CITV. Plus on ITV1 on Saturday 4th Dec.

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Surface TensionThe Cool Stuff Collective @ MTV Studios