Ultra portable MAME machine

The R-Kaid-R is a product of Love Hulten. You may have seen his R-Kaid-Revelation at the beginning of the year.

He describes it as “A handmade hybrid made from solid wood, combining yesterday’s game physics with the digital spectrum of today”


The first thing I asked myself was “what happens to the joystick when you shut the lid?” Then I saw the rather clever way it unscrews, and is then used as the locking mechanism and carry handle. Genius!


You can see the technical specs if you click onto the shop, which it states will be open in September. It has an 8″ LCD, 8-way stick plus 10 buttons, USB and SD card access for loading ROMs, and a battery life of around 8 hours. It’s also set up for a whole host of emulators.


The R-Kaid-R has some really nice detail, see more here.



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Surface TensionUltra portable MAME machine