8Bitdo arcade tabletop

I’ve just seen the 8Bitdo arcade tabletop machine in my feed and isn’t it a stunning piece of retro gaming hardware!

8Bitdo are the company that have been helping to bring your existing retro consoles into the 21st century with the Bluetooth NES and SNES controllers. Allowing you to play your classic retro console games without the wires of yesteryear.

Appropriately named the 8Bitdo Desktop Arcade, this really is a fancy piece of retro kit.

profile of 8bitdo arcade desktop

It appears that there is no hard information available yet. The compact 8Bitdo arcade tabletop/desktop/bartop machine is housed in what looks to be a conch-like curved wooden case. The photos show the control panel housing a joystick and 7 (what appear to be) Sanwa buttons, giving great flexibility.

8bitdo arcade bartop control panel

No real idea if this one-off will become a production item. 8Bitdo’s Facebook page states that “It is only a prototype. We will let everyone know when details are finalised”. From the sound of it, there’s every possibility. One would assume that this is a prime candidate for running games on a Raspberry Pi, but there aren’t even any details on that.

wooden curves of 8bitdo desktop arcade

Just look at that gorgeous curved wooden housing. It even gives the Rkaidr  a run for its money in terms of sex appeal!

Dan8Bitdo arcade tabletop