Ultra cool NASA retro space travel posters

Earlier this year, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory release a set of 14 rather cool NASA retro space travel posters titled ‘Visons Of The Future’. A blast-from-the-past style poster with modern day content. During the 30s and 40s, artists designed posters for the Works Projects Administration to encourage tourism in the US. JPL has created an intergalactic equivalent, encouraging the likes of experiencing the Auroras of Jupiter, the liquid methane lakes of Titan and from another perspective, visiting earth once we’ve all jumped ship.

DanUltra cool NASA retro space travel posters
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World’s biggest PAC-MAN

Ever get bored of the same old PAC-MAN playing field? No, me neither. But if you wanted to work your way round a maze created by some random crazy, or create your own, check out The World’s Biggest PAC-MAN.

weird pac man mazes
Currently there have been over 191,000 mazes created and said mazes have been played over 98 million times. In case you were wondering, around 11 billion dots have been eaten. The United States is the country with highest number of players with the UK in third. But who would have thought Brazil had such a fan base for Pac Man coming in at 2nd place!

To be fair though, there are some silly mazes. But in contrast, some people have put a lot of time and effort in to create some rather exceptional looking mazes, though the playability has not been confirmed!

worlds biggest pac man spelling soap

Soap indeed. Have a bath you dirty monkey.

World’s biggest PAC-MAN built by Soap Creative.

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Surface TensionWorld’s biggest PAC-MAN
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Freeware game pick: Rescue – The Beagles

I see it as part of my job to play games. Today was a good day…
The name says it all really. Guide Edwin or Nicole along a parallax landscape rescuing beagle hounds. You’ll encounter (what look like) astronauts, which can be sorted out by throwing a couple of owls at them collected from nearby trees. There’s some other strange stuff on the ground that’s out to harm you.

What other games let you throw owls…

You can hop up or down the 3 scrolling landscapes if a short distance, else pick up ropes or parachutes for the longer stretches.

Space – Throw an Owl
Up/Down – climb/drop
Up Up – Climb up rope
Down Down – Parachute

Drop too high without a chute and you lose a life. Let a beagle slip away and it’s the same punishment.
The music by Rich Vreeland is a nice nod to those 8-bit days…

source :: IndieGames

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Surface TensionFreeware game pick: Rescue – The Beagles
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