The Handheld Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Recently finished on the crowd-sourcing website Indiegogo is the extremely successful handheld Sinclair ZX Spectrum, “Vega+”. From Retro Computers Ltd, a Luton, UK based start up, they have crowd-sourced the concept of the Vega+, a low cost handheld games console with a colour LCD screen and 1,000 licensed games installed. Crowd-sourcing was completed with over 350% of the original fund request.

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The company behind the Vega+ Handheld Sinclair ZX Spectrum

The Vega+ project will be marketed by Retro Computers Ltd, in which Sir Clive Sinclair’s company, Sinclair Research Ltd, is a shareholder. The project is under license from Sky In-Home Service Ltd who inherited the intellectual property rights so the Spectrum computers from Amstrad.

The Vega+ comes complete with 1,000 licensed games built in and has sufficient memory to allow you to download many thousands of additional Spectrum games free of charge.. You can play this using the built-in LCD or the other option is to plug it into a TV set.

The concept design of the Vega+ is by Rick Dickinson, one of the UK’s leasing industrial designers, responsible for the design of Sir Clive Sinclair’s ZX computers back in the 1980s: the ZX 80, ZX 81 and ZX Spectrum.

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  • Classic gaming D-Pad, offering up, down, left right and diagonals.
  • Four primary action buttons and three secondary buttons.
  • System menu and control-set toggle button.
  • Volume up/down / Brightness up/down.


  • Sharp LCD 4:3 aspect ratio with approximately 0.2565 mm dot pitch. Accurately reproduces the ZX Spectrum 256×192 resolution with minimal screen border.
  • LCD Screen brightness adjustable. Suitable for all light levels, and to extend battery life.
  • Extended “ULAplus” colour palette support, in addition to the classic ZX Spectrum colour palette.


  • SDSC and SDHC micro SD cards are supported.
  • Additional games may be loaded from micro SD card – popular snapshot and tape file formats supported.
  • SD card also allows preferences and game-saves to be stored for later resumption.
  • Firmware upgradable through SD card.

Although the campaign is now complete, you’ll hopefully be able to pick one up direct from Retro Computers soon.

sinclair zx spectrum handheld playing skool daze

DanThe Handheld Sinclair ZX Spectrum