Super Mario Bros in the bathroom

Not like that.

There’s nothing wrong with letting a bit of your retro-nerd tendencies seep out now and again. (Though you should always know your limits).


Eisley over at Destructoid, and her boyfriend, decided to turn their guest bathroom into a 2D Mario haven. Sounds like they’ve put in a lot of hours, and according to the blurb, there’s still more detail to go… before moving on to another room!

“This is just the first part, though, we’re starting the next level, in the second room of this bathroom, next weekend. And after that we have plans for shelves, custom light switches, fixing up a themed shower curtain, certain¬†Marionoises somehow happening, Club Nintendo towels, and so on. The ideas never really seem to stop flowing. And yet, as we were finishing this first level yesterday my boyfriend mentioned doing yet another themed room.”

Sounds like a lot of work, but looks like a great job!



Super Mario Brothers bathroom :: technabob

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