Straight Up Chess

Having been around for over 1,000 years, you wouldn’t have thought there would be any evolution for this game, but Straight Up Chess suggests¬†otherwise with the vertical chess board.

I feel you should always make time for games that don’t involve sitting in front of the TV with minimal interaction. Which, it must be mentioned that our surface tension tables come with backgammon and chess board images to encourage this sort of play.


I digress. What we have here are the Straight Up Chess boards. They are aimed at those who love chess, but also don’t have to time to sit down for a decent game. Playing in passing seems to be the vibe. Maybe placed in the office or hallway at home, play your move when you get the chance and update your ‘last move’ marker. Hmm, didn’t I say something about minimal interaction with computer games…? There is also a ‘check’ marker for when you’re ready to gloat. Out of sight of course.

These vertical boards are available is numerous finishes including maple, walnut and cherry.

source :: OhGizmo!

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