Play some table football in style

In these winter months when going outside for a kick-around isn’t so appealing, maybe staying in and playing on a table of luxury materials is the better option. Italian Billiard-table maker Cavicchi have produced a high-end football table with “crystal playfield, shiny black floor and silver playlines”. Available in a range of materials and finishes from solid timber to gloss.


The Opera range of tables are available in a whole host of finishes such as leather, ebony and gold leaf. Plus a mix of different themes such as F1, mosaic and Ninja Turtle!


This is a great looking table, though I think I’d spend all my time looking out the window…


Also available is a more traditional, squarer look, Cavicchi offer the Linear range.

Cavicchi football table :: bornrich

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Surface TensionPlay some table football in style