Pac-Man Moleskine

I missed out on the Pac-Man Moleskine notebook last year when it was released for his 30th anniversary. Thankfully I managed to find one a few days ago and now it has arrived! There are some things I still like to do the old-fashioned way, and jotting things down in a notebook is one of them.

The Moleskine is covered with the usual hard-wearing leather cover, in limited edition yellow. It also comes with the usual elastic loop to keep it firmly closed, plus the yellow ribbon to find your way back to the last page you were at. Being limited edition, it has a few extra details.

If you’ve owned a Moleskine notebook, you’ll know that they are like no other. With the Pac-Man theme, they’ve just got one better! Plus, being in yellow should make it a little easier to find amongst all my clutter…

pac man moleskine back

Make these part of your 5-a-day…

pac man moleskine fruit print

There are some great features on this Pac Man limited edition Moleskine note book.

pac man moleskine insert coin

It’s even been adapted for loss!

pac man moleskine return reward

Look what you get inside the back pouch!

pac man moleskine stickers included
Pac-Man Moleskine

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