House of Cards Table

The clever House of Cards coffee table by Brazilian designer-architect Mauricio Arruda is an inventive furniture piece that succeeds at being stylish and innovative simultaneously.


It looks like it’s ready to collapse from little more than a napkin’s weight, but the House Of Cards table is actually able to support up to 550lbs. That’s because those 13:1 scale oversized playing cards are actually made from laser cut 4mm steel plates that are all individually printed to resemble real playing cards. And like with a real house of cards the plates are randomly drawn from a large pile so that each table is composed of a unique set of cards. But instead of relying on gravity and holding your breath to keep it standing, these cards are welded together.


There is an option to customized to the owner’s liking, so any Motörhead fans out there here’s you chance to acquire your very own Ace of Spades table.

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