Glass Pool Table – Rack To The Future

When money is truly no object and things of beauty are a must, the G-1 Glass Pool Table is for you. Making every other pool table you’ve racked up on seem utterly prehistoric, this modern beauty was created by Nottage Design and makes a wonderful addition to your high-rise office, modern games room, or millonaires want list.


Topped with a patented Vitrik playing surface that plays just like baize, the award-winning G-1 is clearly revolutionary. We’re talking premium quality 15mm Monolithic Float glass with exposed polished edges, a lightweight skeletal frame with fully-visable ball-return mechanism, BCA-spec pockets and K-66 bumpers. No, we’re not entirely sure what all that means but the G-1 looks awesome and plays like a dream.

To learn more about this amazing pool table go to Nottage Design and you can pre-order it from firebox for a cool £34,999.

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Surface TensionGlass Pool Table – Rack To The Future