Wobble chess board

I’m a regular browser of Reddit and a keen follower of the woodworking subreddit. This means discovering many amazing projects. So the other day I stumbled upon this wobble chess set with its concave squares to neatly house the brass-based pieces.

walnut maple wobble chess set

The pieces and board are made from walnut, maple and brass. You can see with the detail that a lot of time has gone onto this. If you follow the link through you’ll see the ingenious way the concave squares were carved out using a table saw and rotating jig.

walnut maple wobble chess set

Where is the chess set now?

The really cool end to the story is that the guy who made it had it sold for $1,000, until he found out the money was donations to benefit a navy crew on a combat ship. So he just decided to donate it and it can now be found on the USS Millwaukee.

via :: Reddit

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DanWobble chess board
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