Rubik’s Cube + Lego = One Awesome Retro Toy

When the Rubik’s cube was launched in 1980 it was awarded the Best Puzzle of the year, to date it is still considered to be one of the top selling puzzles in the world. While many only aim to solve the puzzle there are others, including surface tension, who try to give it their personal touch.

Another of my childhood favourites were Lego blocks, even these days the fan following for both the Rubik’s cube and the Lego blocks is still huge. One such fan is Andreas Nortmann who has come up with this awesome fusion of both.


Take a look at his innovative idea and you will be amazed at the brains that have worked behind them. Both the creators of the Rubik’s and Lego would surely be proud of him.


Nortmann exchanged the stickers with 2X2 plates of Lego. Different colored plates for all the six sides. What you have here now is a Rubik’s cube with Lego blocks fixed all around them. You can not only solve the puzzle but also use it as a base for other creations.

The building technique being applied here is referred to as SNOT (Studs Not On Top). Since it is being applied with the Rubik’s and Lego it is termed as Rubik’s + Lego + SNOT and the result is ‘Awesome’. You simply have no other word for it.

Kudos to Nortmann for such a brilliant idea!!

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Surface TensionRubik’s Cube + Lego = One Awesome Retro Toy
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Geoffrey Parker Games table

Sometimes you need to give your eyes a rest from video games and make time for something more traditional. Geoffrey Parker Games have created ‘the world’s most comprehensive traditional games table ever made’. As well as video games, I’m a huge fan of board games and traditional table games, so this is pretty exciting!

Inside this table, you can have up to 33 games including tradition games such as backgammon, chess and draughts. Then some classic board games like Monopoly, Cluedo and Risk. There are also a bunch of casino games such as roulette, blackjack and poker. Just select what games you want included and the price is adjusted to suit.

Finished in Dauphin calf leather in a range of colours to fit into your environment. Veneers coming soon.


Geoffrey parker games table :: Born Rich

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Surface TensionGeoffrey Parker Games table
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Arcade minatures for your model railway

If you are into both model railways and arcades, then this is for you …if you are

running 0-gauge that is.

Made by J & C Studios, these babies are available in Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Centipede, Zaxxon, Phoenix and Defender flavours. They can also be illuminated from the inside. Also available are a range of pinball machines if you have the room in your station…

How can you not like these!

Arcade Game Kits for 0-gauge from J & C Studios :: technabob





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Surface TensionArcade minatures for your model railway
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Straight Up Chess

Having been around for over 1,000 years, you wouldn’t have thought there would be any evolution for this game, but Straight Up Chess suggests otherwise with the vertical chess board.

I feel you should always make time for games that don’t involve sitting in front of the TV with minimal interaction. Which, it must be mentioned that our surface tension tables come with backgammon and chess board images to encourage this sort of play.


I digress. What we have here are the Straight Up Chess boards. They are aimed at those who love chess, but also don’t have to time to sit down for a decent game. Playing in passing seems to be the vibe. Maybe placed in the office or hallway at home, play your move when you get the chance and update your ‘last move’ marker. Hmm, didn’t I say something about minimal interaction with computer games…? There is also a ‘check’ marker for when you’re ready to gloat. Out of sight of course.

These vertical boards are available is numerous finishes including maple, walnut and cherry.

source :: OhGizmo!

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Surface TensionStraight Up Chess
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retro space – modern retro

Made in Holland, this is a modern take on Nolan Bushnell’s computer space arcade machine. Also reminiscent of the original Pong machine in my eye. I really like the style of the cabinet! This would go really well with retro 70s-inspired decor.

Retro yellow arcade control panel

The control panel, even though containing the majority of the arsenal you would need in order to tackle most arcade games, looks clean and uncluttered.

Retro Space has been made in a one-time small production run of 33 cabinets. 26 were bought by the Dutch Game Garden to promote the best game productions from the Netherlands in an annual event called Indigo Showcase. At the moment there are no cabinets for sale, but you can rent a yellow or a blue one. They will do a custom run if you’re willing to buy at least 5.

source :: retro thing

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Surface Tensionretro space – modern retro
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Donkey Kong Jenga

You can’t play video games ALL the time, so I feel that when indoors, board games help to maintain a healthy balance. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get out and throw a frisbee around or ride your bike though!

Where was I… oh yes, Jenga. A great game when you have some friends round. With Donkey Kong Jenga, you can play the traditional way, or you can play with the aim of rescuing the girl… which as we all know is Pauline, and not Peach.

donkey kong jenga set


“The classic tower building game features 54 black hardwood blocks decked out with the iconic Donkey Kong girders. Build your Donkey Kong-themed Jenga tower the traditional way or climb the girders with your Mario mover and save Pauline from Donkey Kong in a new and even more challenging way to play. Custom Mario, Donkey Kong and Pauline playing pieces and a Donkey Kong themed spinner are included for alternate game play. Either way you play you are guaranteed edge-of-your-seat excitement.”

Edge-of-your-seat excitement huh? Well, you can be the judge of that one. Seems to only be available in the US at the moment, but who knows, we may get it over here by Christmas.
source :: OhGizmo

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Surface TensionDonkey Kong Jenga
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Giant NES controller coffee table

This is a great piece of functional furniture. A scaled-up replica of a NES controller. Looks pretty sweet, right? The best thing about it? It actually works. It looks a little awkward… but then again, maybe it’s just the chick making it look difficult!



…well, what did you expect to see in there?


Yes please.

Check out the action on youtube…

Giant NES controller mod :: Gizmodo

If this is what you’re into, make sure you take a look at the Giant NES coffee table and the Giant SNES controller coffee table.

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Surface TensionGiant NES controller coffee table
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Build your own Tetris shelving

How about a set of stackable shelving in the form of Tetris blocks for your living room or study?

If the Tetris shelving from bravespace is too much at $120 a piece, why not build your own? Make sure you leave the appropriate gaps, else your stuff will vanish.

Instructables are offering up a step-by-step guide to building your own shelving, so you can show your visitors your truly geeky side. This is of course going on my list of things-to-do-that-I-never-end-up-doing… which is longer than both of my arms. tetris shelving

Make sure you check out the Tetris ice cube mould-making instructions too!
source :: Kotaku

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Surface TensionBuild your own Tetris shelving
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The Papercade

Looks like the aftermath of a party round at my pad, except there’s something a little fishy about this one. Why, none of the alcohol has been opened! Nothing like any of my parties then, except maybe my 7th birthday.

But hang on a minute… why haven’t they been opened? OK, now I think I understand, but not fully… I don’t think I ever truly will.

dolls playing arcade macines

Oh my, it’s been one of those days where I think I’m getting a touch of marble madness and then someone points me in the direction of the way of the rodent’s papercade.
You can make your own papercade with Defender, Gauntlet, Gravitar, Pac-Man, Robotron and Tempest templates… but I won’t be held responsible.

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Surface TensionThe Papercade
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