Fun, active seating. The Ballo stool

These caught my eye as a fun-looking, colourful stool. Based around the idea of an exercise ball, they require a little core stability.

“Ballo is a multipurpose stool for short-term, active sitting. Ideal for a variety of uses, settings and spaces, the Ballo stool is suited to home and office environments and everywhere in between. Perfect for pulling up a quick seat, surrounding a conference table or for use in a reception area, Ballo inspires activity. Available in seven colors, Ballo’s playful aesthetic complements any space while promoting healthy movement.”

Their marketing pictures are provocative of a fun, active and healthy working environment. Great to have a few of these kicking around the office being colourful as well as functional.

Ballo functional seating

Nearly as colourful and playful as our Rubik’s Cube stool!

Ballo stool from Humanscale

via :: Design Milk


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Surface TensionFun, active seating. The Ballo stool
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Sven Stornebel Storage Cube

Well, they aren’t all strictly cuboid. They are storage units though and look like they can be used for seating too (like our Rubik’s Cube).

From what I gather, the Farbkasten is “just a box with colour glue” says the modest designer. Simple, effective and very cool!

These would look cool with multiple colours dripping down the sides. Or even different coloured drips on each side to math the Rubik’s Cube.

Farbkasten storage cube

Sven Stornebel design :: Design Milk

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Surface TensionSven Stornebel Storage Cube
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