Dragon’s Lair turns 25

This week sees Dragon’s Lair turn 25! The machine that not only made you and all your mates go “WOW”… but your Grandmother too. I remember being a kid at that age where a pound was a lot to put into a machine that looked so difficult, it could have been over in 10 seconds flat. So I would have opted for 10 credits on Pac-man.

Born in 1983, Dragon’s Lair was published by Cinematronics and featured the animation by ex-Disney’s Don Bluth who was famous for his works on The Secret Of NIMH and An American Tail. It featured the brave knight Dirk The Daring out to rescue Princess Daphne.


Needless to say, I was happy to stand and watch the Cartoon cabinet in its attract mode waiting for someone else to insert their hard-earned cash.

Due to the hardware limitations coupled with the huge amounts of animation, the system effectively used video, tapping into the huge storage potential of LaserDisc.


Happy Birthday Dragon’s Lair!

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Giant NES controller coffee table

This is a great piece of functional furniture. A scaled-up replica of a NES controller. Looks pretty sweet, right? The best thing about it? It actually works. It looks a little awkward… but then again, maybe it’s just the chick making it look difficult!



…well, what did you expect to see in there?


Yes please.

Check out the action on youtube…

Giant NES controller mod :: Gizmodo

If this is what you’re into, make sure you take a look at the Giant NES coffee table and the Giant SNES controller coffee table.

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50 greatest arcade cabinets in video game history…

…according to i-Mockery.com.

Bear in mind that this is cabinet design and not about the games themselves. Quoting i-Mockery, because I couldn’t put it better myself… “Chances are you’ll see some games on here that you’ve never even heard of, and that’s likely because some of them sucked more than E.T. on the 2600”.

A couple of notable favourites…

battlezone cabinet

I remember this one at my local sports center. I was far too short to play it, but I did anyway… dreading the soon-to-happen broken glass effect. Even though I was a little too short (even with the step), on the flip side the taller people had to stoop down to stare through that damn scope.

the fonz arcade cabinet handlebars

The other that stood out for me was The Fonz. Never heard of it before, but you can check out more on KLOV. Check out those handlebars! Choices, choices… Paperboy… Fonz… Paperboy… Fonz… HEYYYYYYYYY!

You can check out the list in full here at i-Mockery.com.

source :: forum.arcadecontrols.com

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