Pac-Man Ghost shelf

A couple of years ago we posted about a Pac-Man Bookshelf and now we’ve found the perfect addition to your Pac-Man inspired library. This ghost shelf is made by Barcelona artist Light Yourself  Up, great for keeping your books neat and tidy but even better for holding all your video game boxes.

The shelf measures about  76cm(H) x 71cm(W) x 10cm(D), and can be customized in other colors, you can even chose which direction the ghost’s eyeballs are looking. Me, I’d love to have a set of four, one each of Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde hanging on my wall.

Light Yourself Up have a shop on Etsy where you can buy their Pac-Man Ghost shelf for £368 plus shipping.

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Colourful, quirky and completely unplayable. But what does that matter? These are great snap shot of a game of Pac-Man built into a glass table top frame. I can find very little information on these amazing Pac-Man tables by carpenter, furniture designer and photographer, Thanasis Mokas.

Mokas is from Anthens, Greece and while I don’t see any mention of how to buy them I think this guy deserves a posting for creating such great tables.

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Retro Game Posters Highlight Environmental Issues

Bulgarian designer, Alexander Nedelev, has produced some captivating works entitled “It’s Not a Game Anymore” where he uses retro game designs to depict messages about environmental degradation. Each black-and-white design features a stylized reproduction of a particular old school arcade game. A quote stating an environmental based statistic helps to support the message of the work.

Using Space Invaders and Pac Man, Alexander displays some distressing figures.

These are the only three designs on Alexander Nedelev’s Behance portfolio but I do hope he makes additional works. There are plenty of well known retro game classics just waiting to be used as references in order to help spread the environmental awareness message.



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Post-It Pixel Art

We know many of you will be back at work this week after the Christmas break and let’s face it, it sucks!! The office decorations have been taken down, you’re feeling dreary and the office is looking that way too. Well we’ve stumbled across a new craze that will brighten up your office and reduce the boredom of being back at work….Post-It window art

Employees at Ubisoft Montreuil in France started decorating their windows with Post-it pictures but, their neighbours across the street at BNP bank took their Post-it artwork as a bit of a challenge, and started firing back with some window images of their own. Thus, the Great French Post-it War of 2011 was born. Clearly, it spawned an epic rivalry worthy of the likes of Mario and Bowser.


If you decide to create some art of your own we’d love to see what you come up with. For further inspiration check out more pictures at Kuriositas

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Pac-Man Moleskine

I missed out on the Pac-Man Moleskine notebook last year when it was released for his 30th anniversary. Thankfully I managed to find one a few days ago and now it has arrived! There are some things I still like to do the old-fashioned way, and jotting things down in a notebook is one of them.

The Moleskine is covered with the usual hard-wearing leather cover, in limited edition yellow. It also comes with the usual elastic loop to keep it firmly closed, plus the yellow ribbon to find your way back to the last page you were at. Being limited edition, it has a few extra details.

If you’ve owned a Moleskine notebook, you’ll know that they are like no other. With the Pac-Man theme, they’ve just got one better! Plus, being in yellow should make it a little easier to find amongst all my clutter…

pac man moleskine back

Make these part of your 5-a-day…

pac man moleskine fruit print

There are some great features on this Pac Man limited edition Moleskine note book.

pac man moleskine insert coin

It’s even been adapted for loss!

pac man moleskine return reward

Look what you get inside the back pouch!

pac man moleskine stickers included
Pac-Man Moleskine

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Learn your retro-game ABC’s

Graphic artist Fabian Gonzalez likes creating versions of the alphabet – he’s made one for characters from The Simpsons and various superheroes and some may say that a videogame version of the same was long overdue.

Most of these are fairly obvious but others are tougher, I consider myself as a bit of a gaming expert but a couple of these have me stumped…hangs head in shame and hands over geek union membership card. How many can you name on your first try?

The Alphabet of Video Game Characters: Geekologie

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PAC-MAN Fleece Blanket

Now that summer is on it’s way buying yourself a new blanket probably isn’t the first thing on your mind, but this PAC-MAN fleece blanket would be great to use at picnics and let’s face it English summers aren’t known for being that hot so when the temperature drops you can wrap yourself up in your favourite classic arcade game character.


The PAC-MAN raschel fleece blanket measures about 50″ x 60″ and is made from polyester – which also happens to be what PAC-MAN himself is made of. Trust me, I read it somewhere, I’m sure. Or maybe that was the ghosts who were made from the stuff. Or maybe I’ve just been eating too many power pills.

The PAC-MAN blanket is presently only available from the US and can be purchased through for $24.99 plus shipping

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World’s biggest PAC-MAN

Ever get bored of the same old PAC-MAN playing field? No, me neither. But if you wanted to work your way round a maze created by some random crazy, or create your own, check out The World’s Biggest PAC-MAN.

weird pac man mazes
Currently there have been over 191,000 mazes created and said mazes have been played over 98 million times. In case you were wondering, around 11 billion dots have been eaten. The United States is the country with highest number of players with the UK in third. But who would have thought Brazil had such a fan base for Pac Man coming in at 2nd place!

To be fair though, there are some silly mazes. But in contrast, some people have put a lot of time and effort in to create some rather exceptional looking mazes, though the playability has not been confirmed!

worlds biggest pac man spelling soap

Soap indeed. Have a bath you dirty monkey.

World’s biggest PAC-MAN built by Soap Creative.

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