Chain Chomp Cat Bed

Chain chomp cat bed

It’s not particularly new, but I’m sure not everyone in the niche market of Super Mario and cats has seen this – the chain chomp cat bed!

So these guys make a lot of stuff for his cats (as well as other people’s). But the one thing that caught my eye was this giant Chain Chomp, which you may recognise from Nintendo’s Mario series, first appearing in Super Mario 3.

chain chomp cat bed

So this creation started life as a huge polystyrene ball…

chain chomp cat bed

Which after plenty of chopping and painting and the addition of a chain…

Chain Chomp cat bed

Now if only I could persuade Crumpet to sleep in one of these, I’d be in the workshop in a flash. Fat chance. She does exactly what she wants.

not ready for the chain chomp cat bed

Take a look at their site. Mike and Megan make a lot of interesting things to climb on for cats. Things I would have loved to climb all over as a kid.

See more over at Make sure you click on the Community >> Cat Toy Graveyard to see not only more of the Chomp Chain cat bed, but also the Mario Cat Complex, the Wooden Cat Drinking Fountain and the colourful Tetris Cat Stepping Stones!

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Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

I’m sure you all know by now that we love interesting coffee tables here at surface tension and we think this Nintendo Controller Coffee Table is awesome. Created by designer Charles Lushear, from the Etsy store ‘The Bohemian Workbench,’ this nod to retro gaming is completely functional. So you can actually play your old favorites while sipping on your morning coffee.

giant wooden nes pad

Made using maple, curly maple, birdseye maple, burl, mahogany and walnut, the Nintendo Controller Coffee Table will cost you a pretty penny but the workmanship looks absolutely superb. Though the novelty alone is well worth the extra coin. Play one round of Tetris on the coffee-bearing control board and you’ll be hooked. Sure, it might be a little harder to get your thumb to the B button in time, but the fact that you’re playing with your coffee table should take the sting out of any low scores.

playing giant wooden nes controller

Available through The Bohemian Workbench Etsy store and priced at around £3,500 plus shipping. Charles has some great other pieces available including controller wall art, an Elmo ukulele and the Karl Pilkington table which as you would expect is shaped like an orange.

You can reach Charles through his website – or his twitter handle BohoWorkbench.

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Own your very own Power-up Plants

The Super Mario Potted Plants may be the most awesome set of faux flowers ever created. Designed by Etsy merchant Melloduck, these “plants” are designed to look like the iconic pipe plants featured throughout the Mario games.

The true genius behind the Super Mario Potted Plants is that they require no care whatsoever. The plants are made using melted Perler beads and are set in green terracotta pots. This is important to note as most gamers would probably kill an actual Mario-inspired plant due to inattention. (Those experience points aren’t going to earn themselves.)

A set of Super Mario Potted Plants comes with one fire plant, one piranha plant and one nipper plant with pots included. The total cost for a set is £23.20 available through Mellotron Designs on Etsy

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iCade 8-Bitty Retro NES controller

We featured the iCade gaming cabinet for your iPad back in May last year, we loved it and now ThinkGeek have revealed the 8-Bitty controller which can be used for an iPad or iPhone and I love this even more.

It’s a much simpler task to identify the differences between the 8-Bitty and a NES controller than it is to list their similarities. There are two shoulder buttons and an additional two face buttons (for a total of four) not present on the NES controller – necessary additions given the sophistication of contemporary games. And the controller is more colorful than Nintendo’s gray, red and black original, with a front face of primary colors, and edged in a wood-styled veneer.

However, a closer inspection of the product photography betrays the incredible attention to detail and respect shown to the original NES control pad. The 8-Bitty recreates its inspiration down to an insane level of detail. There are the small, rounded oblong rubber buttons recessed into the face in the precise location of the NES controller’s start and select buttons. There are the chubby arrows on each of the D-pad’s four directional buttons. There’s even the tiny cuboid of missing plastic on the controller’s upper edge in line with the cable of the original controller. Hopefully the 8-Bitty will feel as authentic as it looks. Correctly weighted buttons and pad are a must.

No release date has yet been announced but ThinkGeek do have it listed on their site for $24.99 and if you’re interested they will email you once it’s available.

via: Bit Rebels


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Father Time meets Super Mario

Check out this Super Mario 8-bit Clock with Goomba Pendulum. Handmade by no less than Father Time himself, at Clockwork Oregon, this awesome clock is available to buy for £29.22 plus posting but hurry they’re selling fast.

However, if this sweet clock has gone there are plenty of other ones available on their Etsy site. I felt like I’d hit the jackpot when I came across quite a few Zelda clocks, a Yoshi, a Mario 1-UP, Kirby, Tetris heart, Bowser in his flying clown machine, Pac-Man, Mega Man, Tanooki Suit Mario, and may favorite….Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! clock! I mean, come on! The clock features Little Mac taking a swing and the ear-biting, dove-loving, 8-bit version of Mike Tyson!

via: technabob

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The worlds largest game controller

…and that’s official.

With the launch of the Guinness book of records: Gamer edition, comes a huge feat. A group of students from Delft University Of Technology in The Netherlands have produced the worlds largest game controller. When I was at university, I was too busy playing Mario Kart and Super Bomberman.

The world’s largest videogame controller is 30 times the size of a standard NES joypad, unveilled at London’s Liverpool St station today. I hope they are working on plans to retain their title basing it on the N64 pad.

One of the other records set was a man playing Mario Galaxy 2 in a vertical wind tunnel for 18 minutes. Maybe I can get in there too by playing GTA in a bath of beans…

Guinness world record controller :: Make

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Triforce drinks coasters

Show your allegiance to Hyrule with a set of Triforce coasters. Produced by 1337motif at the Etsy shop, these are hand made from solid Walnut and Maple to an amazing finish. Believe me, there’s a lot of work that goes into these and boy do they look great!

6 of these coasters will cost you $50 plus shipping and will put you in the Princess’ good books for eternity. According to Cameron Oehler, they “… make a great addition to the homes of geeks and triangle lovers everywhere.” So if you’re not into Zelda, but do like triangles, you’re good.

Cameron also has an amazing Triforce chopping board which I’d be more than happy to butter my toast on!
Triforce coasters via Geeky Gadgets

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Nintendo-mobile. Nintendo-themed car.

Another inhabitant of Georgia has pimped up their ride to show their love of computer games. First there was the Mr PacMan car. Now we have the Nintendo themed car! Plus the canvas being the same style Chevy. Man, I’d love to see these two race it out on Koopa Beach.

From the outside, it looks like any other pimped-up car with 22″ rims… apart from the giant NES controller on the side. But inside, is where the love is. Re-upholstered seats to include the retro Nintendo colours of black, red and grey. Mario and Luigi on the seats. I’m not sure what “Game Over” is telling the passengers in the back, but I love the detailing. That’s not saying I’d be happy to cruise around in this thing picking up chicks though.


At least nobody can argue over who is Toad.


I’m not sure what ‘Game Over’ is meant to mean in the back seats!


via :: Oddity Central

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The Grilltendo: Now You’re Grilling with Power!

With a bank holiday upon us it’s traditional to dust off the old barbie and cook for our friends. But what if some of those friends are vegeterians, they still need feeding but they might not be so keen on their veggie burgers being cooked on the same BBQ as your rump steak!  Greg Matta was faced with the same problem and to differentiate between the two BBQ’s he came up with this snazzy paint scheme for his veggie one.

Please take note that when I have a BBQ at my place I always offer a vegetarian choice: they have the choice to sit there and watch us tucking into delicious meat or they can go home and cry into their tofu stew!

If it’s a gas BBQ, then of course it should be fueled by the gigantic Lego head!

via: Bit Rebels

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