Solving the Over-The-Top 17×17 puzzle cube

Today during my daily crawl through blogs using Pulse, I stumbled across this video of a guy solving the Over-The-Top puzzle from creator Oskar Van Deventer. If you’ve not seen it before, it’s basically a huge version of the Rubik’s Cube designed to mess with your mind even more. I struggle with the 2×2 but this guy, Kenneth Brandon reckons if you’ve got the 4×4 cube licked, then you can do this mammoth 17×17 beast.

“The 17 x 17 isn’t that hard, but it is very, very tedious.”

It took Kenneth 7.5 hours in total to solve over the space of 5 days. I imagine if you went at it in one hit, your eyes would start to hate you after not long. Anyway, below is the time-lapse with some interesting explanations at the start. But you can also see the full 7.5 hours on his YouTube channel if you’re interested…

via :: The Verge

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EyeAsteroids – Asteroids controlled by the eye

I was browsing through The Sunday Times tech supplement yesterday and came across this eye-controlled asteroids arcade cabinet by a company called Tobii.


The potential in this kind of technology is amazing and obviously extends way further than gaming. I saw something similar at the Eurogamer Expo last year at Earls Court running Trackmania Nations.


“Using your eyes as a game controller is an almost magical experience. It’s as if the game can read your mind, creating the sensation of having supernatural powers.

Using your eyes to direct attention is fundamental in human interaction. Using your eyes to interact with games, on the other hand, is completely new. With gaze interaction, the game understands your gaze the same way people around you do, taking immersion and game intensity to a new level.”


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Nintendo-mobile. Nintendo-themed car.

Another inhabitant of Georgia has pimped up their ride to show their love of computer games. First there was the Mr PacMan car. Now we have the Nintendo themed car! Plus the canvas being the same style Chevy. Man, I’d love to see these two race it out on Koopa Beach.

From the outside, it looks like any other pimped-up car with 22″ rims… apart from the giant NES controller on the side. But inside, is where the love is. Re-upholstered seats to include the retro Nintendo colours of black, red and grey. Mario and Luigi on the seats. I’m not sure what “Game Over” is telling the passengers in the back, but I love the detailing. That’s not saying I’d be happy to cruise around in this thing picking up chicks though.


At least nobody can argue over who is Toad.


I’m not sure what ‘Game Over’ is meant to mean in the back seats!


via :: Oddity Central

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World’s biggest PAC-MAN

Ever get bored of the same old PAC-MAN playing field? No, me neither. But if you wanted to work your way round a maze created by some random crazy, or create your own, check out The World’s Biggest PAC-MAN.

weird pac man mazes
Currently there have been over 191,000 mazes created and said mazes have been played over 98 million times. In case you were wondering, around 11 billion dots have been eaten. The United States is the country with highest number of players with the UK in third. But who would have thought Brazil had such a fan base for Pac Man coming in at 2nd place!

To be fair though, there are some silly mazes. But in contrast, some people have put a lot of time and effort in to create some rather exceptional looking mazes, though the playability has not been confirmed!

worlds biggest pac man spelling soap

Soap indeed. Have a bath you dirty monkey.

World’s biggest PAC-MAN built by Soap Creative.

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PacMan Paintwork

Are you a huge Pac Man fan? Yeah? How big a fan are you? Willing to show the world? Well this guy from Georgia, US is. His pimped up Chevy with custom paint job and interior clearly put the message across. I wonder if he’s gone as far as having his name changed by deed poll.

pacman car

Just take a look at that upholstery. There’s no stone left unturned here with the yellow and stitching job complete with Pac Men on each seat.


He’s really put a lot of work into this… or he’s paid someone a lot of money to put a lot of work into this. Check out the detail behind those alloys!

pacman car

My only concern is, and this was my first thought when I saw “Mr Pac Man” was that the self-professed maze-lover was the same “Mr Cool Ice” a few years on.


source :: technabob

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