Pick n’ Play Giant Pong

McDonalds recently became interactive with their advertising, offering up games of Pong to passers-by on a huge billboard, controlled by their smartphone. Pick n’ Play giant Pong.

All you have to do is stand in front of the display, log on to Pick n’ Play’s site from your handheld, and wait for your phone to verify your location. From there, you’ll have to manipulate an onscreen paddle using your device’s touchscreen, while doing battle with a game that gets increasingly more difficult. Named Pick n’ Play, the idea is that if you last at least 30 seconds, you win a fat-filled treat of your choice!


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Falling in love with a Tetris cake

According to the source, this is a wedding cake, though a closer look at the 2 figures gives that one away. It’s probably not worth analysing this one too much as a marriage based on Tetris blocks could amount to some rough times. Let’s just assume they are both retro-gaming fans and end the speculation right there.

I would be all for this for many reasons. First it’s a Tetris cake. Second it’s colourful and a break from your standard big white cake. Third there’s no cutting involved, so table-to-mouth time dramatically reduced. Fourth, no family feuds due to Uncle Benny having more than you. Fifth, it’s a Tetris cake! OK OK, so only 1 and 5 are important here.


If the mix of cola and that coloured icing doesn’t liven the kids up at the wedding disco, I don’t know what will.

Tetris cake :: technabob

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The Grilltendo: Now You’re Grilling with Power!

With a bank holiday upon us it’s traditional to dust off the old barbie and cook for our friends. But what if some of those friends are vegeterians, they still need feeding but they might not be so keen on their veggie burgers being cooked on the same BBQ as your rump steak!  Greg Matta was faced with the same problem and to differentiate between the two BBQ’s he came up with this snazzy paint scheme for his veggie one.

Please take note that when I have a BBQ at my place I always offer a vegetarian choice: they have the choice to sit there and watch us tucking into delicious meat or they can go home and cry into their tofu stew!

If it’s a gas BBQ, then of course it should be fueled by the gigantic Lego head!

via: Bit Rebels

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Fried egg rug

A little off-topic here, but this rug caught my eye. Rest-assured there will be no egg-based puns in this post. From Architect Valentina Audrito, the egg rug… though someone on this blog thinks otherwise! There are a couple more egg-based concepts on their page too.

Complete with double yolk pillows. If only they were a little taller, they would be perfect seating for a game of Space Invaders! Great for crashing out and watching a movie on!

egg rug :: boing boing

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