Custom hangUP arcade coat hooks

Custom hangUP arcade coat hooks

We recently created a set of custom hangUP arcade coat hooks for an under stairs cupboard. So rather than the standard 4UP with 4 balltops, this one held the mammoth number of 15 ball tops.

Presented on the standard height walnut back board, the pink ball tops were selected to match the pink wall behind. It also included the 4 player button, plus the ends were angled to be vertically parallel.

We grabbed a few photos from the proud new owner, so starting off with an arty Instagram snap, here they are…

walnut and pink coat hooks

Genuine Happ 4-player arcade button which is reduced in height to fit the veneered panel.

Arcade coat hooks with 15 balltops

Polished aluminium shafts and genuine Sanwa Japanese arcade balltops. Hard to find though they are, we only fit the 30mm version to ensure you can get your coat hanging loops over them!

row of pink balltops on arcade coat hooks

Walnut veneer back board with brass screw cups as per our standard hangUPs.

custom arcade coat hooks with pink balltops and walnut panel

We have produced a couple of custom coat hooks in the past, so if you are interested in something like this, drop us a message at surface tension.

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Surface TensionCustom hangUP arcade coat hooks
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Table football coat hooks

We’ve already plugged the Weather coat rack, the Heartbeat coat rack and of course the Arcade coat hooks.

On a similar gaming tip, this one’s for the football fans. Produced by TodoCecilia at her Etsy shop, these are handpainted and also customisable.

One skewer, 4 footballers… maybe the wall is the best place for them. I was never any good at this game, so maybe it’s just sour grapes.


Sports Rack by TodoCecilia

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Surface TensionTable football coat hooks
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Internet-enabled coat rack

This good looking, retro coat rack apparently connects to the Internet to get the weather to help you pick the right clothing before going outside. Not sure what happened to the old-fashioned method of looking out the window or opening the front door. A great concept and (in my eyes) a nice looking thing to have on your wall with the mix of white and orange barometer.

internet-enabled-coat-rack via :: Yanko Design

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Heartbeat coat rack

Nothing to do with Tony Hart… RIP Tony. This coat rack would be a great addition for anyone working in the medical profession… just like the hangUP would suit anyone into retro gaming! Plug over. Anyway, these are designed and sold over here in the UK by Colin O’Dowd.


Beat coat rack :: Technabob

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